Who is he?
Where did he come from?
Is he the God of the Bible?



Any wise enemy is better than an ignorant friend.


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The Bible and the future of the Arabs?

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Is Allah in the Bible?

Who is God?

Allah's original name

The journey of Allah from
Babylon to Mecca

What is the name of the God of the Bible in Arabic?

Al Injil-- The Good News



To the book- Allah, Who Is He


The format here will be to very briefly describe the controversy or problem. Bibliographical notations will be given, and any reader wanting to examine any topic further should write and request the material. A written explanation and bibliography will be sent by mail at cost.

These are very controversial discussions, though they are not central to the argument of the book. It seemed good, however; to present them since they deal with areas considered off limits to 99% of modern Christian publishers.


1. Are the biblical Ishmaelites the Arabs of Today?

2. Did the Roman Catholic Church Invent Islam?

3. Alexander Hislop's Blasphemy in Daniel 11:38

4. Is Christmas Merry?

5. Is Allah the Moon god?

6. The Myth of Islam's Increase

7. Zionism- What is the Biblical answer?

8.  The Eating of The Jews

9. The Koranic Prophet Idris-- He is Osiris of Egypt

10. What do Islam and Mainline Christianity Have in Common

11. The Islamic Call To Prayer Text and Wave File

12. Mosques in the USA-- Witness Points

13. Does the Aramaic Bible or Peshitta call God Allah?

14. Someone Wants Me to Hate You

15: Ongoing discussion of an alternative to the use of the Islamic name "Isa" for Jesus

16: One God in Three Persons

17: The Prophecies of Mohammed on the End Times

18: The Bible Speaks to Muslims

 19: Islam Is In A Shambles-- Many Muslims Convert to Jesus Christ

"every hour 667 Muslims are converting to Christianity"
That is almost 6 million a year !

Sheikh Ahmad al Kat'ani:

20: The Gospel Message in Arabic

21: A Comparison Between Jesus Christ and Mohammed

22: This is the Hate of Islam

23: Farrakhan Exalts Jesus Christ? Is Islam getting gentle?

24: Islamic Jihad and the World Trade Center

25: An Iranian Tells His Story

26: John Gunther Proven Correct-- Most Western Converts to Islam are Sodomites

27: Muslim Sodomites in The Netherlands

28: Islamic Bombast, Bluster, and Blather

29: In Defense of a Wednesday Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

30: One Thousand Malays a Month Renounce Islam

31: The pagan goddess of the Roman Catholic Church

32: Robert Morey's Arab Bashing

33: All Muslims Rejoice to See Kaffirs Die

34: Muslim Attacks on Christians in Pakistan

35: Islam Still Makes Slaves of Poor Black Africans

36: A Reader Speaks Out about Sodomy and Islam

37: Research Sources from the Internet-- Sumer Emphasized

38: The Islamic Doctrine of Eternal Copulation and Gluttony

39: Zionism-- The Mongrelizing of Jacob

40: The Saudi Arabian Government is in terror of this site

41: The Book: THE MUSLIM DOCTRINE OF GOD By Samuel Zwemmer

42. The Twelve Lost Tribes of Ishmael

An Account of Popular Superstitions- By Samuel Zwemmer

44. The Book: HEIRS OF THE PROPHETS By Samuel Zwemmer
An Account of the Clergy and Priests of Islam the Personnel
of the Mosque and "Holy Men"






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