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Footnote indexing explained

Footnotes are all along the way in the book following in context to indicate there is footnoted material to back up various points under discussion. The following key will allow you to find the source in a large library in most cases. If you cannot find it, I can send you photo copies of something you wish to learn more about. But, I must have the code for the footnote you wish to see.

Here is an example of the footnotes in this book: 141 / 282-283 / 2037.

The first number, 141, is the number of the source or author in this bibliography, in this case, D S Sarma.

The second number, 282-283, are the page numbers in the source on which the footnoted information appears.

The last number, 2037, is an index number in my personal bibliographical collection.

To order bibliographical evidence for any footnote, please send me the WHOLE number in the footnote. If you want more evidences, ask, and more will be given within reason. I could not list all of my sources due to space limitations.


Bibliography for sale

A bound printed copy of my bibliography, in multiple volumes, with my copious notes on every one of about 4000 pages, can be had for the price of $8000 to help recover my research expenses.  An index of the bibliography will be included in a separate binder. There are potentially several more books in this bibliography.  To those interested in the Arabist mystique, this bibliography will be very interesting.  

If you think I know what I am doing, I am for hire as a bibliography "gofer."  Make offer. SEND MAIL I will then tell you my methods and target sources. The more you pay me, the more you get. I WILL NOT do research to help you sustain a presupposition by you. You must be looking for ALL of the evidences.

Some readers have sent e-mail mocking at the cost quoted above for a copy of my complete bibliography. The cost is not for the reproduction of the bibliography. The cost is to reward me for six years of research into Middle Eastern evidences from highly academic sources. None of my bibliography is fluff, and only about 5% of it is from Christian scholars. I intend to be paid well for handing this bibliography to someone else to use.

NOTICE: I will NOT give an exclusive to this bibliography.


Source No.                                  Author's name, book title, and origin

1                 Abercrombie, Thomas J. The Sword and the Sermon, Nat. Geogr, July 1972

2                 Ahmed-Shah, E. Theology- Christian and Hindu, Kucknow Pub. House, India, 1966

3                 Al-Qattan, Sheikh Ibrahim, Lecture on Monotheism, I P O Journal, Vienna

4                 Ansari, Kwaja Abdullah, Ibn `Ata`ILLAH, Paulist Press, NY, 1978

5                 Arberry, A J, A Sufi Martyr, Geo. Allen & Unwin, London, 1969

6                 Asad, Mohammed (Translator), The Quran, Pub. Dar-Al-Andalus, Gibralter

7                 Baikie, James, The Life of The Ancient East, Macmillan, NY, 1923

8                 Bell, Richard, The Origin of Islam in its Christian Environment,
                                       Pub. Frank Cass, Edinburgh, 1968

9                  Bell, Richard, The Quran, Vol. I, T and T Clark, Edinburgh

10                Same, Vol II

11                Belloni, Gian and Asen, Liliana, Iranian Art, Pall Mall, London, 1969

12                Bengston, Hermann, The Greeks and the Persians, Wiedenfeld and Nicolson, London

13                Biggs, Robert, Inscriptions From Tell Abu Salabikh,
                                       Univ. of Chicago Press, Chicago, London

Page 356

14                 Bingham, Roland, Seven Sevens of Years, Evangelical Press, NY, 1943

15                 Brownjohn, J Maxwell, The Living Past, Capricorn Books, NY, 1971

16                 Buel, J W, Heros of The Dark Continent, Hunt and Eaton, NY, 1890

17                 Burton, Sir Richard, Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Mecca,
                                       Bell and Sons, London, 1915

18                 Carter, Anne (Translator), Mohammed, Pantheon, NY, 1971

19                 Chacour, Elias, Blood Brothers, Revell, Old Tappan, NJ, 1984

20                 Chirri, Imam Mohamad Jawad, Inquiries about Islam,
                                       Islamic Center of America, Detroit, 1965

21                 Chrichton, Andrew, The History of Arabia, NY 1834

22                 Christie, W M, The Haran of Abraham, Evangelical Quarterly, Jan. 15, 1931

23                 Cohen, A, Soncino Books of the Bible, London, 1949

24                 Collier's Encyclopedia

25                 Cook, Stanley A, Lectures on The Religion of The Semites, Macmillan, NY, 1927

26                  Cregg, Kenneth, The Christ and The Faiths, Westmenster, Phil, PA, 1986

27                  Cregg, Kenneth, The Call of The Minaret, Oxford Univ. Press, NY, 1964

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31                   Degeorge, Gerard, Syrie, Herman, Paris, 1983

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33                   Doe, Brian, Southern Arabia, Thames and Hudson, London

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35                   Durant, Will, The Story of Civilization, Simon and Schuster, NY, 1942

36                   Dyer, Charles, The Rise of Babylon, Tyndale House, Wheaton, ILL, 1991

37                   Elahi, Ashiq, Six Fundamentals (of Islam), Idara Ishaat-e-Diniyat, Delhi

38                   Eliade, Mircea, The Encyclodedia of Religion, Vol. VI-VII, Macmillan, NY

39                   Embree, Ainslie, The Hindu Tradition, Vintage, NY, 1972

40                   Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol I, 1963

Page 357

41                   Farquhar, J N, Crown of Hinduism, Oriental Reprints, New Delhi, 1971

42                   Fazlul, Haji Karim, Al-Hadis of Mohammed, Vol. I-IV,
                                       The Book House. Lahore, Pakistan, 1939

43                   Field, Henry, On The Desert, Scribner, NY, 1883

44                   Fifth International Congress of Iranian Art and Architecture, Oxford, April 1968

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48                    Frazer, Sir James, The Golden Bough, Abridged, NY, 1951

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54                    Glubb, John Bagot, The Life and Times of Mohammed, Stein and Day, NY

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Page 358

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Page 359

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Page 360

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117                  Item dropped from bibliography

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127                  Dropped from bibliography

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Page 361

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Page 362

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Page 363

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Question:  Why so much Zwemmer?  


First, these are mostly from a journal he edited out of Princeton (Muslim World Journal).  

Second, Samuel Zwemmer is the only "Arabist" I know of at the turn of the century who was also a zealous soul winning Christian.   His observations are accepted in both secular as well as the most narrow Christian circles.  I am not exaggerating.  

Third, he has been lost to the Christian reader.  His 37 books are masterful, and if his leadership had been followed in Christ, the Muslim world might look very different today.  He was not an ecumenist, he did not accept Allah as the God of the Bible, and he had no respect for Westcott and Hort's Greek text-- he only used the Textus Receptus.  

The serious reader ought to find a copy of, The Arabists, The Romance of an American Elite, Robert D. Kaplan, Free Press, Div. of Macmillan, NY, 1993.  This book, along with Raphael Patai's books (121-124 above), will give the most colorful yet academically sound perspective of the Arab world.

Since publication, the following books
have been added as research items by the author:

239 Hitti, Philip,  A Short History of Lebanon, St. Martin's Press, NY, 1965

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244 Hourani, Albert, A History of the Arab Peoples, Warner Books, NY, NY, 1991


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