Who is he?
Where did he come from?
Is he the God of the Bible?



Any wise enemy is better than an ignorant friend.


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Appendix 4:
Is Christmas Merry?


My research has proven that Christmas has its heritage, not merely in the Roman Catholic Church, but it comes directly from legends and beliefs held by the pagans at the Tower of Babel. It is a very filthy story sexually, and it is absolutely exquisite as an example of the zeal of Satan to produce an "Antichrist" type parallel to every truth of God. Those who celebrate Christmas are acting out a phallic Marduk cult, with the precious Name of The Lord Jesus Christ wrapped around it. I have come to hate Christmas with a passion greater than any other of Satan's filth. I believe it must offend God just as much to see His saints celebrating Christmas, as it does to hear His saints call Him Allah.

I invite you to send for bibliographical proof. Beware please, it should be rated PG-17, and those who have been saved out of pornography should not read the material, lest they backslide. Let's get Christ out of Christ-Mass. By the way, recent computer models have found convergences of Jupiter and Regulus along with a "stopping" of Jupiter, in its retrograde loop, coincide exactly with a September 15, 3 BC birth of Jesus. The order of Abia, to which Zecharias belonged, Luke 1:5, would also place John the Baptist's birth at a dating relationship which would support a September birth of Christ. Send for documentation.


FOOTNOTES TO THE ABOVE:  46 / 339 / 996; 52 / 130-132 / 915-916; 136 / 374-379 / 850-852; 35 / 240 / 1540; 55 / 81 / 1583; 89 / 16-19 / 356-357. This bibliography is of the highest order and based in epigraphic discoveries, not some theologian's opinions. Also, please read Jeremiah 7:17-19; 44:17-27; and Ezekiel 8:13-16. The Ezekiel text shows the weeping for Tammuz at the summer solstice, and the twenty five paganized Jews watching for the sun to stay up longer, at the winter solstice, or December 25th. It is not Merry!

Discussion which parallels this book in a discussion of Allat and Dushara and Christmas.



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