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Sudanese Muslim Leaders Making Slaves of Blacks


We are always getting E-Mail from Muslims telling us of the tender mercies of Islam.  I want to know where those loving Mullahs are who think Islam is merciful?  The Koran says, "Allah is ever merciful...."  Well how does this Allah work out his tender mercy in Sudan?  Islam is every bit as uncivilized and monstrous as ever, and let them get the upper hand in ANY part of the world, and you may count on it friends-- YOU will be their next slave.  Your daughters will be raped, and your wife will be used in muta marriage as a forced concubine.  SUDAN PROVES ME RIGHT.

Dear Black Americans-- You are a great fool if you think Islam is going to bring you anything but slavery.  Arabs HATE Blacks, and they BELIEVE they should own them as slaves, nothing more.

This story PROVES where the tender mercies are-- In the heart of Christians who pay with their own money for the very lives and souls of Black Africans to whom they owe nothing but to love them for Jesus' sake.  The Sudanese leaders, Mullahs, raping soldiers, and Sheiks have done one thing for us-- They have PROVED how helpless Islam is to be holy and clean--  It is as dirty and crooked as it was in 625 when Mohammed fled Mecca while convincing his nephew to lay in his bed and be killed by the Meccan leaders who were trying to kill Mohammed.  Nevertheless, Mohammed abused slaves and married Aiyisha and consummated marriage to her when she was nine years old and still playing with her dolls.

Thus, look at the evidence that Islam is the real Great Satan of world religions.


In Madhol, Sudan, stacks of money pass from the hands of a Christian Solidarity International worker, John Eibner,  as he pays $13,200 for the release of 132 slaves.   At common labor, a day's wages in Sudan is $1.  This Sudanse Muslim then had the nerve to say he made no money in the deal.  All were women and children, and as they lined up trembling in hope of freedom, raped mothers carried their babies on their backs.  The Muslim Sudanese Arab slave owner waves the slaves to freedom as he would so many cattle at a livestock auction.  Akuac Malong, a young Dinka girl, was at the point of suicide, but the payment came just in time.  Her master had tried to brainwash her with Islam and had beaten and starved her.  This ancient form of Islamic Din, or evangelism, was just what Mohammed called for in the Hadith.

All of this raping the enslavement is condoned by the Sudanese Government leaders as a tribal custom, but the rebels in the south NEVER take slaves.  The Dinka people have no reliable way to protect themselves except to take aid from British mercenaries who have support from clandestine British forces and arms supply.  This is designed to use the Dinka tribesmen to balance off the Muslim power in the north which the British hate so much.  It is only a matter of time before the Sudanese Government has its Anthrax and Bubonic Plague factory online.  Then, Dinkas will die by thousands, and who will care?  Western evolutionist Whites see them as primitives who are not worth saving, and the Arab world sees them as expendable so that the breadbasket of southern Sudan can be better managed by the Muslim north.  The Dinka are doomed.

Will you cry out to your congressmen?  You in the UK-- will you demand justice from your MP?  Don't assume Prince Charles or the Queen will do anything about this-- This was THEIR doing in the first place.  Who will raise their voice in the cause of the Dinka people.  These are the descendants of a once proud race that actually ruled Egypt.  Now, they are raped and soon to be gassed by the "evangelists" of Mohammed.

It is not appropriate to lay all the blame at the feet of these animalistic Muslims in Sudan.  In 1956, when the British Government was considering how to give independence to Sudan, the UK Royalists and Elite did not want Sudan to prosper, and in order to maintain chaos far into the future, Britain lumped the pagan and Christian Black races in present day southern Sudan with the Muslim Arab tribes of the north of Sudan.  The southern Dinka and Black tribes begged the British to free them as a separate nation.  The Lords of Lancaster House paid no heed to the "wogs" in the south.  The experiences of Britain with Gordon, in which Britain was greatly embarrassed and suffered defeat at the hands of the Arabs, caused Great Britain to seek revenge by lumping the two vastly different regions together, thus assuring the perpetual hatred and bitter wars between southern and northern Sudan.  This is the kind of present the British colonialists left in nearly every nation they gave independence.

The Muslim Arabs have abundantly fulfilled the wishes of the British Neo-Nazi manipulators, for Hitler could not gas the Jews faster than the Sudanese Government has massacred the Black tribes of the south of Sudan.  About 5 years ago, the Muslim Sudanese Government rounded up 400,000 Blacks, mostly Christians, and drove them like cattle into the western Sudanese desert.  They were told to face Mecca and bow, or die.  Mohammed would have been proud.  The mass of Christians refused to be thus "evangelized," and they were kept there until they starved and died.  The world did NOTHING, and Bill Clinton sat on his hands, for he is just as mindless and pagan as the Mullahs of Sudan.  Indeed, Bill Clinton would make a great Islamic evangelist, for he too is quite effective at mass killing, only Bill uses Medicare and welfare.

Here then is a rare look into the very soul of Islam-- And here also is the zeal of the Gospel of Jesus Christ at work.  The photo of John Eiber and the Muslim slave owner shouts to the whole world, and it blasts every claim of Islam into a cocked hat my friends.  This is the REAL Islam.  And, this is the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He who died to ransom lost souls on Calvary has again, through his servants, ransomed these poor victims of Satanic oppression.  I rest my case.

By the way, you Black Americans--
While we never want to condone any of the evils of racism still latent in the USA,
I would like to ask you a question--

Isn't it good to be an American?

Also, Do you thank God daily for the Salt of the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ?


And to you British Colonial effete snobs--  
SHAME, for YOU caused much of this suffering.  But then, if you would also do in Di..............

We know this is your design for the USA, and we intend to stop you any way we can.


Last thought:

Where are the Imams of Islam who claim that Islam is civilized?

Sucking on a hookah no doubt--  Too busy--  Boiling the Ibrik-- Right?