Appendix Two of Allah, Divine or Demonic, shows the Pope did not invent Islam as claimed by counterfeit Christian, Alberto Rivera



Who is he?
Where did he come from?
Is he the God of the Bible?



Any wise enemy is better than an ignorant friend.


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Appendix 2:
Did the Roman Catholic Church
invent Islam?


Alberto Rivera claimed that he, a novice Jesuit priest, was allowed to roam through the Vatican basement, picking through the treasures and secrets of the centuries, and he claimed that Cardinal Bea, the Jesuit General, personally instructed him in the origin of Islam. The claim he makes would take the story back to about 600 AD, but at that time the Vatican didn't exist, and records for such a claim would not possibly exist.

Indeed, the Vatican proper was not secured as a sovereign state until May 13, 1871. According to Rivera, from vaults of the Roman Whore, and Cardinal Bea, comes the alleged revelation that the Roman Catholic Church started Islam on purpose to take the Arabs under their control, and to secure Jerusalem.

Dear friends, Satan is quite capable of starting an evil thing without the help of the Roman Mother Church, helpful as she may have been to Satan. Rivera's publisher also claims that Russian Communism was started by the Roman Catholic Church. Next, will we be told that Sumer and the tower of Babel were in fact a diocese of Bishop Fulton Sheen?

My research finds that Allah, and Islam, came along the roads from Babylon to Mecca, and I found no detour by way of Rome. Indeed, the Roman Church got her vile religion from Babylon, where Mohammed got his, but they were not in any league, real or imagined. My bibliography for this is massive.

Alberto Rivera is promoting a lie, and his manner of conducting himself brings into question whose side he is on. There is no confirmation, by Christians converted from Jesuit Catholicism, of this man. If you distribute his stories (usually in comic form), even those about his past in the Roman Church, you make a fool of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Arabs are not fools, and the Muslim Mullahs are not ignorant of history. Beware.


FOOTNOTES TO THE ABOVE:  I do not want to take the room to list the whole number of each entry. I shall simply give my index numbers, and if you want the bibliography kindly write or phone, and request it. My index has 109 separate bibliographical entries that show that Rivera is promoting a lie. I shall only list 31 here: 30, 69, 79, 115, 223, 312, 358, 363, 462, 487, 493, 602-603, 631, 638-9, 712, 893, 899, 955, 1333-4, 1338-9, 1344, 1348, 1349, 1402, 1443, 1480, 1505, 1542, 1550-2, 1594, 1685 & 87. Each number represents a distinct research item.



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