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Appendix 7:
Zionism- What is the Biblical View?


There exists a revisionist zeal to reduce the horror of the Holocaust of Hitler's Nazi Germany.

We have always had those who would justify the wicked after the event. They have various reasons for their hateful logic, but the revision of Hitler's demonic era is fired by nothing else than Reformed theology and Anglo-German emotions. These revisionists generally believe that the Church will bring in the Kingdom and present it to Jesus. Their blond haired blue eyed Jesus is in heaven wringing His hands and wondering when He can come back to earth. Indeed, this Jesus is alien to the Jesus of the Bible.  

Reformed theologians, Revisionists, Reconstructionists, Dominioners, Neo-Nazis, along with the New Age Aryan root race, and Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Great White Brotherhood, hate the fact that there is a Jew sitting at the right hand of the Majesty on High, and they imagine, with the perverted artists of the Roman Catholic Whore, that Jesus is either Italian, German, or a Dutchman. "Yah, und his name is Vander Gaud already." As a Dutchman I speak with some personal perspective.

That there are to be Jews at the heart of the future literal Kingdom of Messiah is repulsive to their small minds, so Hitler was in fact doing these twisted souls a favor. Thus, they feel they need to rehabilitate the mustachioed Austrian whom Satan foisted upon Germany. Their effort to revise the numbers, from 6 million murdered Jews down to 600,000, is childish in the extreme.

So, what if some Zionists have hyped the numbers? Is it somehow more civilized that the Nazis may have "only" killed (let's be absurd) 60,000 Jews? Is it less repulsive that the Nazis made only fifty lampshades out of Jews' skin than, say, one hundred lampshades? It is a sorry commentary on the Reformation that Zwingli and Calvin killed Anabaptists with great joy. So, should we be shocked if, in Luther's tradition, modern Reformed Reconstructionists justify Hitler's horrors?

Saint, you better realize that the greatest betrayal comes from the inner circle-- the Judas club. Watch out for these Reformed, Reconstructionist, Revisionist rascals! I say that charitably, of course, knowing that many enlightened Reformed Christians also hate this cult.

Hitler's Germany is impossible to imagine for those of us who did not experience it. There is a problem though, if we are to keep our balance. The over-reaction to this Jew hatred has resulted in the fawning of Jerry Fallwell, and other alleged Fundamentalists, over Zionism. I have covered this elsewhere in the book and glossary, so I shall be brief.

Zionists are the European descendants of the ten tribes of Israel who were taken captive in about 500 BC by the Assyrians. This is found in I Chronicles 5:26 and elsewhere, and it is very clear to Bible students, and secular historians, that the Jews of Israel did not return to their land until 2500 years later in 1945 as they fled Europe, and in 1948 when the state of Israel formally came into existence. The blue eyes and blond hair of many of these Euro-Jews is the result of racial mixing which is very normal when two cultures co-exist over the centuries. So, most of them are far from being pure-blooded Jews.


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The vast majority of the Jews in Europe just wanted to live out their lives in peace in Europe, but the Zionist élite wanted them to move back to Israel. That country was peopled by Jews of the Judah heritage who had come home from the captivity with Ezra and Nehemiah in about 450 BC. Except for a few years during the Roman Empire, the early Islamic Turkish era, and the bloody Roman Catholic Crusades, these Judah-Jews and local Arabs, lived peacefully, but primitively, in Palestine from 450 AD to 1945. How could the Zionist leaders convince the Euro-Jews to leave the good life in Europe and "return" to the backward life of Palestine?

Answer-- Perfidy. This is what Orthodox Rabbi Ben Hecht named his book exposing the Zionist plot which, he claimed, resulted in a subtle alliance between the Zionists and Hitler. In The Abandonment of The Jews, David S. Wyman, Pantheon Books, a Zionist author admits that true Jews were indirectly consigned to the gas chambers by the Zionists who wished to displace them. The Zionists used Hitler's hate to force Jews to return to Israel, and the Zionists inhibited the flight of Euro-Jews to England and the USA. They also put on Arab kaffiyas and bombed Jewish funerals in Iraq, telling the Jewish victims that they must flee alleged Arab terrorism and "return" to Israel.

Many Zionists from Europe hate true-blooded Jews and use them to serve their greedy financial and geo-political schemes. Zionists are virtually all atheists or Cabbalistic pagans, and they long ago abandoned the Bible and replaced it with the Talmud.

The Talmud and Cabbala call for the death of all Gentiles, and the Cabbala is a book of occult witchcraft from Babylon. Zionists pray to Shakhina, the goddess of Babylon, who has even crept into the vocabulary of Bible believers.

More recently, Zionists have foisted their own version of Freemasonry on the Jewish people in the invention of Benai Berith and the ADL. This is no doubt a repulsive story to some readers, but it is quite true.

To exalt Zionism as the heir of the Old Testament Covenants and the Hope of the coming Messiah is the most exquisite of blasphemies. It is infinitely cruel to call all the Jewish victims of Hitler-- "Zionists," for they had no idea how they were being used by these mixed-race élitist Zionist money lords.


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You see, there were a certain number of Jews in Europe who were real Jews, and there were many more in Palestine. But our adversary, Satan, counterfeits everything God does, so he tried to destroy the true hope of Israel, The Lord Jesus Christ, by substituting Zionist nationalism for repentance and salvation. It has worked pretty well, and these Zionists are now calling for a Messiah-- the future Antichrist. They are also making favorable approaches to His Hellishness, John Paul II-- Virtually ASKING the Pope to come take over Jerusalem.  If the Jewish missions ministry you support exalts Zionism, you ought to demand that they stick to preaching the Gospel, not political nationalistic notions.

The Zionist Messiah will be Satan himself, and the book of Daniel and The Revelation of John show that millions of Jews will die following Zionism and Satan. The Roman Catholic Church is also making its play to lead this final assault on the Temple Mount. Simply add the specter of starving Russians looking south on the food supply of Israel, and you have the whole picture of the coming convergence on the Holy Land by demonized nations of the world.

What is the Hope of Israel? Dr. Ben David Lew was a European Jew. He found that the only "Hope of Israel" was The Lord Jesus Christ who is alive in heaven and calling all men to His salvation. You ought to get his book, From Hitler's Hell to God's Peace. Dr. Lew experienced the holocaust, and he leaves no room for modern revisionism, such as we discussed earlier, rather; he points us all, Jew, Arab, Zionist and Gentile, to the Savior. Only Jesus Christ can cleanse us of the hurts and hates of the past.

For the record, and for these alleged revisionist scholars, here is the Bible prophecy of the future gathering of Messiah's Israel during the coming Great Tribulation, the Satanic Holocaust. This is during a time when God will allow Zionists, and those who follow them, to be wiped off of the earth. However; those Jews who turn to seek the Messiah, The Lord Jesus Christ, as presented the the Old and New Testament of the Bible, will be miraculously preserved in the desert, and they will be selected by God's angel to initiate the Messianic Kingdom which Messiah Christ will bring to them. Here is the record of their future selection by blood and by tribe.

The Bible, Revelation 7:1 And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.  
2 And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea,  
3 Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.
(They cannot have taken the "mark of the Beast.")  
4 And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel.


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The text goes on to list all of the tribes which provide 12,000 each to the total number. There are, among all of the mixed-race Jewish family of the world, 144,000 pure-blooded Jews, and they don't know who they are. All records of blood proof of Jewishness were lost in 70 AD when the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed. Satan wants Jewish blood polluted by white or Hamitic blood.

This is why Satan put it into the minds of Hitler's Nazis, by their gross experiments in bio-genetics, to use Jews as guinea pigs to produce mutilated freaks-- a polluted race. Satan also rejoices when Jews join in mixed-blood marriages so that, he hopes, there will not be 12,000 from each tribe. Thus Satan could embarrass Christ.

If we believe that all men must come to God by faith in Jesus Christ, and if we agree with Jesus in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 that the Jewish synagogue is the "synagogue of Satan," then we must give our loyalty only to Christ and invite all men to come to His salvation. We have no business acculturating the Gospel with Jewish political hatred, Arab bashing, white supremacy, or any other mongrel form of loyalty. Christ died for every member of the PLO and Hamas, as well as for every Zionist and the sodomite-cuddling ADL. Do you believe that?

Have you fallen for the Zionist line just because some "keynote speaker" told you some heart rending stories about suffering Jews in Israel? Have you ever heard the stories the Arab Palestinians tell of how whole Arab villages were massacred in the 1940s by Zionist soldiers? Beware of fanning the fires of hatred of Jews by Arabs or hatred of Arabs by Jews. Both groups tell equally true, and equally horrible stories.

Also, beware of these sick unregenerate minds, claiming to be "Reformed Christians," who seek to revise the Satanic horrors of Hitler, neo-Nazis, and Antisemitism, as did Martin Luther. Stop preaching the "gospel" of Jewish financial plots. Did you know that the first ten richest men in America are NOT Jews? Look here now; preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to all men, Jew, Gentile, Arab, and your next door neighbor.

This section was hard to write because I have much deeper feelings against Revisionism and Reconstructionism than I can express in civilized language. I hope you will forgive me for this rather mild treatment. I firmly believe that the vast majority of Reconstructionists need to repent and be born again. Check it out-- their copy of the US Constitution is far more worn out than their Bible.

If this discussion seems rough and you are not sure what the real issue is, feel free to communicate with me by E-Mail or by postal mail. I shall try to give you help in further reading in the area of discussion. I can also put you in touch with born again Christian Arabs and Jews who can help you, especially if you are a Jew.



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