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Steve Van Nattan: Much of this is an effort to cover the blood thirst of Islam and try to make it appear that all religions came from the same jolly good god. In spite of the Mother goose aspect, this will help you to understand the propaganda tricks the Islamic Mullahs in the West are using.

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This chapter will discuss the religion of Islam as the previous sections did, and it will remind you of past historical events. You will be given information about the fundamentals of all the world's religions. We also hope that this chapter will be a pleasure for you to read, as we hope the others were. We have said repeatedly that we are about to enter the twenty-first century, but in our time, everybody has less time, more troubles and their heads are full of various thoughts. On the other hand, today's man has access to a great deal more new information. He compares every book he reads with the knowledge he has. This is why the knowledge presented to them must be logical, based on documents, appropriate to the systems and conditions of our time, and so on. We can never thank Allahu ta'ala enough for enabling us to write and publish our books, which we prepare with new additions every year. The blessings of Allahu ta'ala are unlimited.

It is understood through the letters we have received that our books have been read by many people, and they found them very beneficial, so we are grateful to Allahu ta'ala, again. The prayers and the expressions of appreciation from our readers are the best rewards for us. These letters and their appreciation encourage us to work more.

It is a pity that the number of those able to read and understand the books of the early Islamic scholars and relate them to the new generation using today's languages has diminished recently. Experts on religion have almost vanished. Since the religion of Islam is the most modern (the best), logical and the final religion in the world, in order to write a book about Islam, a man must have a higher education (that is, he must have very deep knowledge), a knowledge of languages -Arabic, Persian, and the others- must know the natural and scientific laws, as well as the religious ones. That is why we write books while paying great attention to and examining the books of religious and scientific experts. We never act unfairly, as the fanatics do. We examine carefully all the letters received, then, the scientific and logical answers are given to them. Some parts of our books have been translated from Turkish into French, German and English. We see that our books have been approved of by other Islamic Institutions and that our books have been kindly mentioned in their publications. We are not praising ourselves with these words. The work we have been trying to do consists of reading the book of Islamic scholars, examining and coordinating them, and then publishing the knowledge we have gathered into a language which is easy for everybody to understand.

We ourselves have added nothing to the books that we have published. We have placed the knowledge that we have gathered with great difficulty before the public. Thereby, we have given them the opportunity to read and learn easily. The conclusion belongs to our readers. We consider it to be our task to get these materials ready for them. We fulfill this task for the sake of Allahu ta'ala, only. We do not expect any materialistic rewards from anybody. We are sure that those who read this book will have learned that Islam is the only way to Allahu ta'ala. It is impossible for humanity to lead a happy life without having faith. Religion causes people to correct their morality. Islam should not be used for the sake of worldly benefits or for political tricks, and it cannot be the means for self interest or ordinary purposes. Also, our readers will have learned that they must follow Islam to attain the happiness in this world and in the hereafter.

Even though Islam is the most logical and the most perfect religion, it is a pity that the efforts to spread it are so insufficient. On the other hand, organizations established by Christians to spread Christianity are quite endowed. In his book entitled Dhiya-ul-Qulub, published in the year 1294 (1877), the great Islamic scholar Ishaq Effendi of Harput (a town in Turkey) wrote: "An institution called 'Bible House' established by the Protestants in England in 1219 (1804), had the Bible translated into 204 foreign languages. Up to the year 1872, the number of books published by this institution was about seventy million. Meanwhile, the money spent by the same institution was equal to 205,313 English gold coins." This means thirty-one billion Turkish liras. (When one English gold coin was about 150,000 TL.). This "Bible House" institution is still active. They have a lot of regular and camp hospitals, building for conferences, libraries, schools and cinemas. They also have places for amusements and sporting installations in many parts of the world. They do their best to Christianize those people who attend such places. The Catholics have been striving in the same way. But in addition to all of this, they find jobs for the youngsters of poor countries, distribute food and medicine to the hungry, and, at the same time, exhort them to be Christians.

In some Muslim countries, such as Pakistan, South Africa and Saudi Arabia, there are some small organizations. There are also some Islamic centers in America and in some European countries. Some books are distributed by them. But, their publications attack one another, so the unity enjoined by Islam is demolished, and confusion is aroused among the public. Our organization, namely, IKHLAS, can afford only to educate a few youngsters. The total capital of all the Islamic organizations in the world is too small to be compared with the huge capital of Christian organizations. But in spite of this reality, the books published by the IKHLAS foundation are being read all over the world; thus, the number of Ahl as-Sunnat Muslims (those on the right way) is increasing day by day. About a hundred years ago, the number of Muslims in the world was one-third that of the Christians , but today this ratio has already risen to one-half. The reason for this is that each Muslim keeps his faith loyally and raises his children as Muslims, but the young generations from the Christian world lose their dependence upon Christianity after seeing that it is not in conformity with the latest scientific advancements. Meanwhile, the communist states have abolished religion entirely. In some fanatical communist states, such as Albania, "The Museum of Atheism" has been established to ridicule religion. And in spite of huge Christian organizations in England, the number of atheists there, according to the newspapers in Britain, has reached thirty per cent.

As it is seen, despite Christian propagation efforts, Christianity is weakening, but our modest books are being approved of all over the world. Do you think there is a reason for this? The reason is obvious: The religion of Islam is the most civilized, the most logical, and the truest religion. When a man who is educated and impartial reads our books describing Islam clearly, he becomes a Muslim; he sees that Islam is the final religion and in conformity with modern scientific principles. There are no myths in it. Muslims believe in one Allah, not a formation of three, as in the Trinity, which is an unbelievable dogma. If examined carefully, it will be seen that the fundamentals of the religions which require human beings to believe in only "One Allah" are identical. Whenever a true religion was corrupted, Allahu ta'ala sent a new Prophet to correct it, and the last of the true religions is Islam, the most logical and the most modern one. A comparison between Islam and Christianity was made by an Islamic scholar, Ishaq Effendi, which reveals that the fundamentals of faith in these two religions are the same, but Christianity was corrupted by the Jews and priests.

In this book another important section concerns the comparison between the moral principles of Islam and Christianity. If you examine this section carefully, you will see that the same things are demanded, in the same way, by these two religions and that they both give the same instructions to humanity. Today, if a Christian man believed in "One Allah" instead of the "Trinity," and that Muhammad ('alaihi 's-salam) is the final Prophet, he would become a complete Muslim. [As a matter of fact, the dogma called "Trinity" in Christianity is rejected by highly intellectual Christians, and they try to interpret it evasively so that they believe in one Allah.] A lot of Christians have already become Muslim after seeing this truth. Their names can be seen in our book entitled Why They Converted to Islam?

The food of the spirit is religion. An atheist is like a man without a head. Just as it is necessary for a body to take breath, to eat and drink, similarly, the spirit is in need of religion so that it will be noble, pure and peaceful. There is no difference between an atheist and a machine or an animal. There is no greater means than religion to enable a man to know Allah; to prevent him from doing evil things; to guide him; to cause him to have intellectual peace; to console him in hard times; to give him power, material or moral; to make him gain respect, honor, prestige, and friendship in a society; and to protect him from the Hell-fire, which is eternal.

Unfortunately, in the hands of unscrupulous and treacherous men, religion has frequently been used only to perpetuate self interest. Whereas, in truth, religion is the only way of knowing Allahu ta'ala and of obtaining His mercy.

We are of the opinion that when you read this book you will have seen that all the religions were originally the same; every religion was replaced with a new one by Allahu ta'ala over different periods of time. Whenever a religion became corrupt Allahu ta'ala sent Prophets ('alaihimu's-salam) to make corrections in it; hence, the final religion is the one brought by Muhammad ('alaihi 's-salam). We hope that your faith will be strengthened, and thus, you will embrace the religion of Islam, which is the best source of moral guidance, virtue, energy, and courage. We pray that you will only use it to be a man with a pure and noble spirit, and that you will also use it to attain endless bliss by obeying the commandments and the prohibitions of Allahu ta'ala. Afterwards, we know that you will prevent it from being used for other causes, such as position-hunting or for other materialistic purposes.

The greatest enemy of Islam is the British. The reason is that the essential policy of the British State has been to exploit the natural resources of the world, particularly those of Africa and India, and to make the people of these places work like animals thereby transferring all the earnings to England.

Those people embracing Islam, which orders justice, fraternity, and helping one another, prevents the tortures and lies of the British. However, the British Government established the Ministry of Commonwealth and attacked Islam through inconceivably treacherous plans, military and political forces. Hempher, one of thousands of male and female spies directed by this Ministry, explained in his confessions their objectives, beginning in 1125 [B.C. 1713] and some of their plans which are a shame for all humanity. These confessions were published in Arabic, English and Turkish by Hakikat Bookstore in 1991.