Who is he?
Where did he come from?
Is he the God of the Bible?



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The Law and the Gospel



  • Everybody sins in one way or the other during his lifetime, and so is impure before God who is holy and righteous.
  • Because God loves us and is merciful, He doesn’t want anyone to go to hell because of his sins.
  • But God is just, and therefore doesn't leave our sins unpunished. For this reason God instituted the offering of animal sacrifices through Moses to accompany repentance. These sacrifices however were not sufficient in redeeming the sinner completely. Man continued sinning and therefore had to keep on offering sacrifices. God used sacrifices as a sign of what was going to happen in the future, just as He did when He redeemed Abraham's son with the ram of redemption, in order to let man understand the necessity of what He intended to do. Because a person's life is too precious and costly to be redeemed by another person or an animal, God had to redeem us Himself. It was necessary because no person is holy and righteous enough to save himself. God the Greatest, able to do anything He pleases, did this through the Messiah (Christ) Jesus.
  • And so the Eternal Word of God became flesh, and Jesus the Messiah was born from a virgin through the miraculous working of the Holy Spirit of God. He lived a glorious life without sin, performed many wonderful miracles and in the fullness of time was crucified at the hands of those who didn't accept Him as the Messiah. In no way did He deserve this, and He was able to avoid the crucifixion if He wanted to, for it is He who worked great miracles. He was willing to go to the cross in order to fulfil God's will and the purpose that He came for. This He confirmed Himself and the prophets before Him prophesied it (e.g. in the Dead Sea Scrolls: Isaiah 7:14; 9:5-6; 53). He gave himself for us and died in our place, taking the punishment for our sins, and so fulfilled the purpose that He came for, namely to be the final and perfect sacrifice for our redemption. On the third day He rose from the dead, and after having spoken to his disciples, forty days after his resurrection, ascended into heaven where He still is and will be coming from on judgement day. He was the only one worthy enough to carry the sins of the world, because He was the only one without sin.
  • You can receive the gift of salvation as well as complete forgiveness of your sins, and have the assurance of eternal life in heaven, through faith, by accepting Jesus Christ's sacrifice for your sins.

  • Would you like to receive this gift of eternal life?

    I encourage you to read the Law and the Gospel, God's message as a guidance to mankind, already translated into numerous languages including Arabic (and English), known also as the Bible, to find in it for yourself the only way to acceptance before God.