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Islam is trying to present a kinder and gentler face, especially in Western nations. Farrakhan has learned the value of this, and he is using it to win friends and influence people.


DECEMBER 26, 1999 Update on the article below:

Dear Steve,

I read your bit about Louis Farrakhan saying nice things about Jesus, praying together, etc. Perhaps he is becoming another one to join in on the ecumenical, religious unity bandwagon-- a truly frightening idea coming from him in particular.

To help clarify your lack of more information, I also read an AP article in our local paper about his "near-death experience" and how it led him to preach "unity" among all races, religions, etc.--the same rhetoric trash that is said in most schools in America, and many churches as well. I tried to find a web link of the article for you, but I couldn't.

Quote from Farrakhan:

"Only through our (Nation of Islam?) act of atonement can we be forgiven for what we have said or done in injure other human beings--a member of another race or a member of another religious group, another nation or another ethnic group....we must try to end the cycle of violence and the cycle of hatred."

At a public appearance in Chicago, the article says he held hands with a catholic priest and a rabbi of the Hebrew Israelite Community to pray for "world peace" on Christmas.


I Peter 5:8 to that!!

In Christ,

Jim S__________



DECEMBER 22, 1999

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, pronouncing himself fit after a bout with cancer, displayed his fiery religious rhetoric Wednesday, calling for a global day of prayer on Christmas.

"I thank God for helping me overcome an illness that brought me to death's door," Farrakhan, 66, told reporters and supporters at his group's Chicago mosque.

Farrakhan has been on sabbatical and has made only one public appearance since undergoing treatment earlier this year for prostate cancer. That treatment included minor surgery in April to correct rectal inflammation.

On Wednesday, his preacher's voice rising, Farrakhan warned of biblical prophecies predicting a rising tide of violence and "wickedness" around the globe.

He asked that members of all religions come together on December 25, Christmas Day, and "make a sincere supplication to the almighty God and pray, not for a change in someone else, but for a change in ourselves.

"We are asking that this Christmas not be observed with drunkenness, frivolity, filth and foolishness, mocking the name of Jesus the Christ ... We here and others are asking that Santa Claus be put in his proper place. Santa is a falsehood. Jesus Christ is the truth," he said.

"Instead of making it a holiday, we are asking to make it a holy day," Farrakhan said.




Here is how Allah and Jesus Christ are mixed up and tossed together while fluently blaspheming Jesus.



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This is one of the most masterful blasphemies in the history of Christendom. I think only Joseph Smith of the Mormon Church could stand toe to toe with Farrakhan and make a total fool of Jesus Christ.