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This article was posted long ago and long before Osama bin Laden was allegedly killed by the US Military. I am leaving it up for historic perspective. The average American took the media reports on Osama bin Laden at face value. Jihad is also not understood by most Americans.



Presented By Steve Van Nattan

I have told you that Islam will speak sweet words to the Kaffir (non-Muslim) when it suits them, and they will lie to gain the advantage. Part One below is a Fatwa and the lie of an Islamic Mullah who is trying to put a compassionate construction on the declaration of war against the United States by world Islam on September 11, 2001.

Part Two is a previous Fatwa by Mufti: Dr. Yusuf Abdullah Al-Qarad�wi, and it shows his true passion of hate for the United States of America. I am delighted to catch this viper in his words, and I hope none of you "tolerant" and "loving" idiots will ever again swallow the sweet words of the Muslim disinformation machine.

Part Three is the Fatwa of the dog Osama bin Laden setting the stage in Islamic fashion for the death of the innocents in the World Trade Center. Let us all pray for the soon death of this animal and his helpers.

These Mullahs and Sheiks in the USA, Canada, and the UK speak softly to the Kaffir in order to make them believe Islam is compassionate. LIE! These creeps are far from Mecca and the Al Aksa Mosque, for if you were in the Middle East, you would have seen Muslims dancing in the streets in joy at the death of the Americans in the World Trade Center.

* * * * *

Part One

Date 12/Sep/2001
The Fatwa of Mufti:
Dr. Yusuf Abdullah Al-Qarad�wi on the attack on the World Trade Center

Wa`alaykum As-Salamu Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

In his commentary on the latest attacks on America, the well-known Muslim scholar, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, states the following:

Truly, our hearts bleed for the attacks that have targeted the World Trade Center (WTC) as well as other institutions in the United States despite our strong opposition to the American-biased policy towards Israel on the military, political and economic fronts.

Islam, the religion of tolerance, holds the human soul in high esteem, and considers an attack against innocent human beings a grave sin. This is backed by the Qur'anic verse which reads: "Whosoever kills a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if be had killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had: saved the life of all mankind." (Al-Ma'dah:32)

The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, is reported to have said, "A believer remains within the scope of his religion as long as he doesn't kill another person illegally."

Haphazard killing where the rough is taken with the smooth and where innocents are killed along with the wrongdoers is totally forbidden in Islam. No one, as far as Islam is concerned, is held responsible for the actions of others. Upon seeing a woman killed in the battlefield, the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, renounced the act and said: "That woman shouldn't have been killed anyway!"

Even at times of war Muslims are not allowed to kill anybody save the one who is indulged in face-to-face confrontation with them. They are not allowed to kill women, elderly, children, or even a monk in his religious seclusion.

That is why killing hundreds of helpless civilians who have nothing to do with the decision-making process and are striving hard to earn their daily bread, such as the victims of the latest explosions (in the U.S.) is a heinous crime in Islam. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, is reported to have stated that a woman was qualified to enter Hell because of the cat she locked up and starved to death.

If this is the ruling applied in protecting animals, no doubt, aggression against human beings, deserves greater protection, for human beings are honored by Allah Almighty and are His vicegerents on earth?

We Arab Muslims are the most affected by the grave consequences of hostile attack on man and life. We share the suffering experienced by innocent Palestinians at the hands of the tyrannical Israeli entity who raze the Palestinian homes to the ground, set fire to their land, kill them in cold, and leave innocent orphans wailing behind.

With this in mind, the daily life in Palestine has become a permanent memorial gathering. When Palestinians face such unjust aggression, they tend to stem bloodletting and destruction and not claim the lives of innocent civilians.

I categorically go against any committed Muslim embarking on such attacks. Islam never allows a Muslim to kill the innocent and the helpless.

If such attacks were carried out by a Muslim - as some biased groups claim - then we, in the name of our religion, renounce the act and incriminate the perpetrator. We do confirm that the aggressor deserves the deterrent punishment irrespective of his religion, race or gender.

What we warn against - even if it becomes a reality - is to hold a whole nation accountable for a crime that was carried out by a small group of people, or to characterize a certain religion as one that supports violence and terrorism.

When the well-known Oklahoma incident was carried out by a Christian American who was driven by personal interests, neither Christianity, America or even the Christian world were accused of the attack because a Christian masterminded it.

I have been asked several questions on television and on public lectures about the martyr operations outside the Palestinian territories, and I always answer: "I do agree with those who do not allow such martyr operations to be carried outside the Palestinian territories. Instead we should concentrate on facing the occupying enemy directly. It is not permissible, as far as Islam is concerned, to shift confrontation outside the Palestinian territories. This is backed by the Qur'anic verse that reads: "Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! Allah loves not, aggressors."

May Allah guide you to the straight path and direct you to that which pleases Him, Amen.

Allah Almighty knows best.


Part Two

Date of Fatwa 23/ March/ 2001
Title of Fatwa: Boycotting Israeli and American Goods
Dr. Yusuf Abdullah Al-Qarad�wi

Question of Fatwa: Are we allowed to buy items from Israeli sources, even though this money may be used to help the Jewish �war machine�?

Mufti: Dr. Yusuf Abdullah Al-Qarad�wi Content of
Reply: Fatwa on Boycotting Israeli and American Goods Based on the proofs of the Book and Sunnah and Consensus of the Ummah.

It is Jihad to liberate the Islamic lands
from those who attack or conquer them.

Editor: Steve Van Nattan: In the context of what follows, the Mufti is clearly claiming that Israel is an Islamic land and the Jews are impostors. The policy of Islam still remains that the Jews must be driven into the sea and killed. Yassir Arafat has made that very clear, and he has never retracted it. We believe he is serious. All sweet blabber to the Kaffir to the contrary is disinformation for temporary use only.

These are enemies of Islam.

This Jihad is an absolute obligation and a sacred duty; firstly on the people of that land. If the Muslims of that land can�t offer sufficient resistance, then Muslims of neighbouring countries are obliged to assist. If this is still not sufficient then all the Muslims of the world must assist. Palestine is the land of the first Qibla of the Muslims, the land of Isra and Miraj, the land of Al-Aqsa and the blessed territory.

The conquerors are those with the greatest enmity to the believers, and they are supported by the strongest state on earth - the USA, and by the world Jewish community.

Jihad is obligatory against those who take land and expel the inhabitants, spill the blood, violate the honour, destroy the houses, burn the fields, and corrupt the land.

Jihad is the first obligation of all obligations, and the first duty of the Ummah. Muslims are commanded to do this, first those from the land in question, after that their neighbours, and finally all Muslims.

We must all be united against the others. We are united in Islam, including unity of belief in the Shari�ah, unity of belief in the Qibla, and also united in pain and hope.

As God (Allah) says: �Verily this Ummah of yours is one Ummah� (Qur�an, 21:92). God (Allah) also says: �Surely the believers are a single brotherhood� (Qur�an, 49:10). There is a Hadith of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, : �The Muslim is the brother to the Muslim, he can�t oppress him, he can�t give him up, he can�t let him down.�[transmitted by Musalm]. Now we see our brothers and children in Al-Aqsa and the blessed land of Palestine generously sacrificing their blood, giving their souls willingly in the way of God. All Muslims must help them with whatever power they have. (See the Noble Qur�an, 8:72).

If people ask in the name of religion we must help them. �Help each other with good things and taqwa�. The vehicle of this support is a complete boycott of the enemies� goods. Each riyal, dirham �etc. used to buy their goods eventually becomes bullets to be fired at the hearts of brothers and children in Palestine. For this reason it is an obligation not to help them (the enemies of Islam) by buying their goods. To buy their goods is to support tyranny, oppression and aggression. Buying goods from them will strengthen them;

our duty is to make them as weak as we can. Our obligation is to strengthen our resisting brothers in the Holy Land as much as we can. If we cannot strengthen the brothers, we have a duty to make the enemy weak.

If their weakness cannot be achieved except by boycott, we must boycott them. American goods, exactly like �Israeli� goods, are forbidden. It is also forbidden to advertise these goods.

America today is a second Israel. It totally supports the Zionist entity. The usurper could not do this without the support of America. �Israel�s� unjustified destruction and vandalism of everything has been using American money, American weapons, and the American veto.

America has done this for decades without suffering the consequences of any punishment or protests about their oppressive and prejudiced position from the Islamic world.

The time has come for the Islamic Ummah to say �No� to America, �No� to its companies, and �No� to its goods, which swamp our markets. We are eating, drinking, wearing and riding whatever America produces. Ali [may God (Allah) be pleased with him] said: �You have three enemies; your enemy, the friend of your enemy, and the enemy of your friend�.

The USA today is more than friends to our enemy; they would destroy themselves for Israel. The world wide Muslim Ummah numbering 1.3 billion, could cause pain to the USA and its companies by boycotting them.

This is an obligation of our religion, and the way of God (Allah).

Every Muslim that buys �Israeli� or American goods, when there is an alternative from other countries is committing a haram act. They are clearly committing a major sin, which is a crime against God�s (Allah's) law, which invokes punishment from God (Allah), and the contempt of the people. Our brothers in �Israel� and America are forced to deal with them and buy their products. God does not ask you to do what you can�t do; only what you can. God (Allah) says: �Fear God (Allah) as much as you are able.� [Qur�an, 64:16.]. The Holy Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him,: �If I order you to do something, do however much you can�.

Muslims in America must work with companies who are least hostile to Muslims, least allied to the Zionists. Boycott Zionist companies as much as you can. Arabs and Muslims must boycott all companies that are biased towards Zionism and support Israel, whatever the national origin of that company [e.g. Marks and Spencer], and anyone like this who supports the Zionists and helps the �Israeli� state.

The boycott is a very sharp weapon, used in the past and recently. It was used by the pagans in Mecca against the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and his companions. It caused great harm to them; they even had to eat leaves. It was also used by companions of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, to fight against the pagans in Medina. In recent times we nations use boycotts in their struggle for the liberation from colonialism. A famous example is Gandhi who asked the vast Indian nation to boycott English goods, which was very effective. A boycott is in the hands of the nation and masses alone.

Governments can�t force people to buy goods from a particular country. Let us use this weapon to resist our national and religious enemy, and make them know we are still alive, and that this Ummah will not die, God (Allah) willing. The boycott has many different effects; it renews the education of the Ummah in how to liberate themselves from enslavement to other people�s taste. They encourage us to be addicted to these things of no benefit, indeed they cause us harm. The boycott is a demonstration of Muslim brotherhood and unity of the Ummah. It is our duty to say we are not going to betray our brothers, who make sacrifices every day. We will not participate in making profits for our enemy.

This boycott is a lesser resistance, which will help the greater resistance carried out by our brothers in the land of Messengers, and the fortified frontier of Jihad.

If every Jew in the world thinks himself a soldier, supporting Israel as much as he can, surely every Muslim using his very soul and wealth is a soldier to liberate Al-Aqsa. The least [the Muslim] can do is boycott his [the enemies�] goods. God (Allah) says: �Oh you who believe, you are protectors of each other. If you don�t do this there will be great division and corruption.� If the consumer buying Jewish or American goods is committing a major sin, surely the merchant buying these goods and acting as an agent is the greatest sinner. Even if the company works under a different name, they know they are deceiving people.

The Muslim Ummah all over the world is being asked to demonstrate its existence, and show its desire to protect what is sacrosanct.

The Islamic Ummah must know who are its allies, and who are its enemies. The Ummah is forbidden to give in to weakness, and depression, and accept the tyrannical peace, which the Zionists want to impose. God (Allah) says: �Don�t be humiliated and ask for peace, while you are on the Uppermost and God is with you.�[Qur�an, 47:35].

Our sisters and daughters, who control the houses, have a role to play in this matter, which may be more important than the role of the man, because women supervise the needs of the house, and buy what must go inside the house. She is on hand to guide the boys and girls.

She plants the Jihadic spirit in the children, and educates them in what they must do for their Ummah and its causes, and what they must do to the Ummah�s enemies, especially in the area of boycott. When the children understand this they will carry on the boycott enthusiastically, and later will lead the parents.

I ask all the believers in God, Christians and others, and all the free and noble people in the world to stand beside us, and support the right and ------h against falsehood, and justice against injustice. Help to victory the weak, who are being killed every day in the way of Allah, protecting the Noble Sanctuary.

Also, I request the workers of the Arab and Muslim countries around the world to support the Palestinians in the their just cause, and show their anger by demonstrating against the powerful tyrants, by disturbing their businesses as much as they can. [as in the world trade center, dear Mufti???]

Finally I ask the wise, reasonable and experienced in every country to organise cells to build a boycott, to create alternatives and avoid the negative things, and carry on educating the masses, until the word of ------h is raised up and falsehood is destroyed. Surely it will perish. �Say work, surely God will see your work and his Messenger and the believers, you will return to the unseen world and witness, and you will know what you were doing.�


Part Three

"Jihad Is an Individual Duty"

The following is excerpted from the fatwa, or edict
February 1998
Issued by Osama bin Laden

EDITOR: U.S. investigators have focused on Bin Laden as the most likely suspect behind the coordinated bombings of the U.S. Embassy buildings in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in August of 1998. At least 250 people --including 12 Americans -- and injured more than 5,000 in Nairobi. Ten people died in an almost simultaneous explosion at the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam. The Palestinians who danced in the streets in Israel as over 30,000 Americans fried BELIEVE the following as the law of Allah.

For more than seven years, the United States has been occupying the lands of Islam in the holiest of places, the Arabian Peninsula, plundering its riches, dictating to its rulers, humiliating its people, terrorizing its neighbors and turning its bases in the peninsula into a spearhead through which to fight the neighboring Muslim peoples.

The best proof of this is the Americans' continuing aggression against the Iraqi people, using the peninsula as a staging post, even though all its rulers are against their territories being used to that end, but they are helpless.

...These crimes and sins committed by the Americans are a clear declaration of war on God, his messenger and Muslims. And ulema [Muslim scholars] have throughout Islamic history unanimously agreed that the jihad [Holy War] is an individual duty if the enemy destroys the Muslim countries.

On that basis, and in compliance with God's order, we issue the following fatwa to all Muslims: The ruling is to kill the Americans and their allies is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it, in order to liberate the Al Aqsa mosque [Jerusalem] and the Holy Mosque [Mecca]...

This is in accordance with the words of Almighty God... We call on every Muslim who believes in God and wished to be rewarded to comply with God's order to kill the Americans and plunder their money wherever and whenever they find it.



How did he get started? At the age of 19 he went to Afghanistan and joined the Mujahedeen in their war against the Russians. He fought heroically and his engineering skills proved particularly valuable. Russian intelligence had already spotted his leadership potential, although plans to kidnap him were thwarted. Ironically, the United States poured $3 billion into the Afghan resistance via the CIA.

There is an apocryphal story of a Russian general who was one of the last soldiers to leave Afghanistan. "The Americans are crazy," he is reported to have said. "They should be paying us to stay here." The CIA believed they were using the Mujahedeen for their own needs; that the situation might in truth have been the reverse seems not to have occurred to them. In Bin Laden's training camps the CIA's own manuals, supplied with a view to discomfiting the Russians, are considered essential reading. More recently, former Mujahedeen commanders close to the Taliban say that, in Afghanistan, Bin Laden bankrolled the Taliban's capture of Kabul under the leadership of the reclusive, one-eyed Mohammed Omar.

How does he pay for all this? He is undoubtedly extremely rich. Estimates of his personal fortune vary wildly. Figures up to $300 million have been bandied about in the press, but the truth is that nobody knows. His money came originally from the family construction business, but was augmented by fees from building projects in Sudan. Whatever the size of his fortune, it is hidden in a complex web of international accounts and controlled through a nebulous network he calls the Foundation for Islamic Salvation. His role as a financier of terrorism is pivotal because he has revolutionized the financing of extremist movements by forming and funding his own private terror network. But not everyone believes the stories of his vast wealth. One Saudi source was quoted as saying in The Independent: "The Americans dream up these extraordinary figures, claim them to be the truth, get them printed in the press and - just like that - they have created the millionaire terrorist that they want."

How is he regarded in the Muslim world? In the past, America has had some success in persuading friendly Arab states not to accept him, In 1994, he was stripped of his Saudi citizenship and forced to move to Sudan. He was expelled in 1996 by the Sudanese (on pain of US sanctions). But his recent clash with the US, and president Clinton's firm response, have sent his stock soaring. In Libya, for example, Colonel Gadaffi personally led street protests in Tripoli following the US attack on Bin Laden's base. In Lebanon the Al-Kifah Al-Arabi newspaper scornfully accused the US of having "closed the zipper of its president and opened the buttocks of its warships to rocket Afghanistan and Sudan".

What next? The US missile attack against Bin Laden's Afghan base did little damage. Bin Laden was not in the camp at the time, but even had he been there it is doubtful that he would have been hurt. According to a senior Pakistani general, Bin Laden is "a gifted qualified engineer who is an expert in building tunnels". He proved this against the Russians, constructing ammunition dumps and hiding places deep within the mountains, their entrances protected by huge slabs of rock. These tunnels could apparently withstand even a direct hit from a cruise missile. Nor is there any possibility of the Taliban agreeing to deport him. "We will never hand Osama over to anyone," the Taliban's leader, Mullar Omar, has declared. "We will protect him with our lives." Asked by Time whether he was trying to acquire chemical and nuclear weapons, Bin Laden said: "Acquiring weapons for the defence of Muslims is a religious duty. If I have indeed acquired these weapons, then I thank God for enabling me to do so."


Now, which Mullah do you believe?