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Allah and Allat


We have already cited evidence that these deities were all in place before Mohammed. Now, we need to examine more carefully one last thing about Mecca and the local environment. That is, we need to get to know Allah and Allat better as husband and wife.

First, the claim of Mohammed and Islam, that Allah is a god without a physical body or representation, does not hold up under examination. Arabic, like many of the languages of the world, gives male and female gender to nouns, and it genderizes the verbs to harmonize with the noun or subject they modify. In "Fatiha," the opening Sura in Al Koran, the Sura consists of only twenty-nine Arabic words, the masculine gender is used in twenty-six words, twelve applying to Haji Allah. Here it is with the masculine words in bold Italic print:


In the name of Allah the beneficent, the merciful,

Praise be to Allah, Lord of all creatures,

The beneficent, the merciful,

The king of the day of judgment.

Thee we serve and thee we ask for help.

Lead us on the straight path,

The path of those whom thou hast favored,

Not of those on whom is wrath,

Nor of those who go astray.


The Allah of Islam is indeed masculine just as he was in Sumer and all along the way to Mecca. As is obvious in ancient Sumer, Babylon, and Greece, a god who is clearly masculine may also have a wife. (FOOTNOTE 110:  123 / 194-196 / 1468 plus Sura 1 and 53)  The marriage arrangements in Islamic Paradise uphold this picture, while the heaven of Christ rules out marriage. 

The Bible, Matthew 22:29 Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.
30 For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.

If Elohim had a linguistic feminine form, a goddess form, then the God of the Bible would also be an anthropomorphic entity, as Allah is. Marriage would indeed be part of the heavenly experience, as the Mormon heretics teach. Allah showed no embarrassment to have Allat along on the Hajj from Babylon to Mecca, but Mohammed annulled the marriage in order to make a better counterfeit of Elohim. History even indicates that the Jews in Medina at first liked Mohammed because of his monotheism. This was because Mohammed pitched Allat in the trash and exalted Allah as if her were all alone as a deity.

So second, and more importantly, we need to see that Haji Allah, the male deity, had a linguistic and literal consort in the feminine-- Allat. The Bible mentions Allat in place names and given names. In the Bible book of Nehemiah, we find Allat in the name of Sanballat, or San B`allat. This man was the picture of ecumenism. He worshipped Elohim, was named for Allat, and built the counterfeit temple on Mt. Gerizim to the worship of all the local gods. Also, in Nehemiah 11:34, we find the name Neballat as one of the Jews who lived near Jerusalem. He probably got his name while in Babylon, just as some children are inadvertently named after gods or goddesses today.

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In the Bible, Joshua 19:8, we find the Hebrews dividing up the land of Canaan which they had just conquered in Jehovah's power. They did not rename the cities, so Ba`alath, or Ba`alathbeer, became an important city in the future of Israel. It is thought to be in the south of the Negev and near a well. This would coincide with the coming of Allat to nearby Northern Arabia. In Nehemiah 10:20, one of the chiefs of the people was named Anathoth. In I Chronicles 7:8, Anathoth is a son of Benjamin.

A town captured by the Hebrews is in Joshua 15:59 as Beth-Anoth. It is the present day town of `Ainun, three kilometers southeast of Halhul. The word "Anoth" is a feminine form and is Anat, the goddess. This is Allat in the Canaanite form. So, though we concluded that Allah is not in the Bible in any form, Allat, his consort, turns up in several ways. But when the Jews backslid, they turned to Baal, and Ashteroth, or some other goddess might be included, but Allat was never considered for worship. So the Imams cannot claim that Mohammed was lead astray by the Jews.


This shows that Islam was not Roman Catholic as Chick Publications alleges. The Jews, and possibly Mohammed's visits to Palestine as a camel driver, laid the foundations of Islam.

The Pope had nothing to do with it. The claims of Alberto Rivera are specious, as is almost everything he ever claimed to have learned and discovered as an alleged Catholic priest.

Sir Percey Sykes quotes Edwin Arnold regarding the origin of Islam. Arnold points out, along with Muir, that Meccan religion was heavily influenced by Yemen, or the Sabaeans from the south. Arnold says, "Islam was born in the desert, with Arab Sabaeanism for its mother and Judaism for its father; its foster-nurse was Eastern Christianity." Sykes also says that Allat was the presiding goddess who hovered over the Meccan cult. (FOOTNOTE 111:  159 / 504-506 / 191-192) So, the place of Allat is obvious, and it must have been heavy on Mohammed's mind, since he at first let Allat into Al Koran in Sura 53, or the "Satanic Verses."

A word of caution here-- You must NOT get your research about the Satanic Verses from Salman Rushdie's filthy pornographic book. I marvel that Muslims never managed to kill him, for I don't think I have read anything more sexually evil that is supposed to be based in someone's religion. Seek your data on the Satanic Verses from the history of Islam and serious works of men in universities around the world.

See a very logical and powerful discussion of the Satanic Verses

Another very pointed and fair discussion of the Satanic Verses

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Before we see the husband and wife relationship of Allah and Allat, let us see what kind of bride Allah got for himself. During the first Dynasty of Babylon, Allat was the consort of the god Amurru. Hammurabi describes Allat as "kallat shar sami" or "bride of the king of heaven." Hammurabi then goes on to state that she was "belit kuzbi u ulsi" or "mistress of sexual vigor and rejoicing." (FOOTNOTE 112:  35 / 242 / 1542; 142 / 72 / 1004) This coincides, over 2000 years later, with the fertility aspect of Allat in Taif, a town near Mecca. A pillar named Allat was danced around by naked women as a prelude to promiscuous ceremonies.

In Tyre and Sidon, the expression used for Allat was "qnyt ILm" or "mistress and mother of the gods." (note the LIL / IL base which is also the root form of Allah) It may be that the first word in this title degenerated into present day English vulgarity, cu**, once the vowels were provided.  Later, in South Arabia, Athtar was male or female, showing a hermaphroditic innovation. Athtar was derived from Ishtar, or Astrart, of Babylon, where she was definitely the goddess in charge. The South Arabians added a suffix to get the gender. "b`lt," or Belat, was the female ending. This shows the sexual genderizing authority of the name, Allat.



Ningal, doubtless, who ruled along with Sin at Uru, was little more than an incarnate epithet. Her name means "the great lady," "the queen," and her person is the double of that of her husband;

It is said that when Allat became the goddess of the Nabateans, she became al-Uzza the 'mighty one' as she evolved from a local deity into a patron of an expanding culture (Browning 47). We have seen that al-Uzza is also referred to in connection with the Bedouins at Harran (Green T 62).

Al-Uzza as Moon Goddess commands the Zodiac surmounted by the moon and carrying a moon staff.

The Nabateans had a close relationship with the Edomites as they each claim a female line of descent from Ishmael,

Langdon, Stephen H, The Mythology of All Races, Vol V, p.5, 19, 66-67:

Allat was a Babylonian, or earth and moon goddess. Her consort Allah was simply the god who impregnates the earth. Allah at the time of Muhammad was the high god, while Allat was his consort. Enlil in Sumer was the same thing while Ninlil was his consort. In Babylon, Baal was the high god.

If Allah was the moon god, then the moon is impregnating the moon. Some recent Christian teachers believe this, but Mohammed, pagan as he was, was familiar enough with physiology and anatomy to know that this is impossible. So, while there is far more about Allat's heritage than Allah's in ancient history, Allat was the moon goddess. That office was hers, not Allah's.

Quennel Gale, Is Allah really God or Elohim?

The star and crescent of Islam are clearly based upon the moon goddess, Allat, and the astral goddess, Al-Uzza. Allat and Al-Uzza figure in Sura 53 in what is called "the Satanic verses," which Mohammed initially gave, but later deleted. The moon and Venus connection to Allat and Al-Uzza are one of the most embarrassing matters for the Mullahs of Islam.

Arabian Moon Goddess Oaths were sealed with the vow �By the salt, by the fire, and by Al-Lat who is the greatest of all.� A triple goddess with Al- Uzza and Menat, her name is the feminine form of Allah and means �the Goddess.� The crescent moon of Allat and star of Al-Uzza survive on many Arab countries� flags. Seven priestesses of Allat served at the site of the Black Stone in Mecca, which is set in a large silver mount representing the vulva of the goddess. The priestesses would ritually undress and circle the stone seven times. [Khanaser, Syria, 50 C.E.]

In the whole pantheon of the Middle East, from Sumer to Mecca, the god was the sun, and the goddess was the moon. There were only two exceptions that I know of, and these two exceptions have been used exclusively to make Allah the moon god.

The crescent and disk were used frequently for Allat and Allah. The disk represented the sun, and the crescent was the moon, so Allat was the moon goddess, which was the pagan theology all over the Middle East. This is why it is impossible to claim that Allah was the moon god. He represents the sun, or the central phallic "point of light," to compliment the receiving moon. The crescent moon is vaginal in context. (FOOTNOTE 113:  David Spangler's and US President George H. Bush's "1000 Points of Light" program was a Babylonian, Masonic, New Age device based upon phallic filth; 203 / 125 / 610) The star, in the Islamic star and crescent, is Al-Uzza or Venus, another sex fiend from paganism.

In one inscription, Allat is associated with "rhm," which is Rahman, after vowels are supplied. This shows that Allat was at times the consort of Rahman, who migrated to India as Brahman, and to Mecca, to end up in Mohammed's Koran as an alternate name for Allah. Allat is called "lover of Baal," and in a Ras Shamrs inscription Allat is identified as the goddess of war.

To load a graphic of Lilith, the early model of Allat (PG-17)

This, with her role as keeper of Hell in Sumer, combines to show that Allat was one mean mamma! No wonder she wore out so many consorts. We must give Allah credit for finally taming Allat in Islam, where she is left merely as a "swan of heaven" to float about marginally defined in Sura 53. (FOOTNOTE 114  130 / 60-81 / 290-300; 35 / 238 / 1538; 203 / 118 / 607)

The only catch here is that Allat was sometimes male as well as female. She changed sex several times in one story, to be whatever she wanted to be. In many legends she conceived, sometimes gods, at one time all of humanity, without being sired by a god. So we may accurately say that Allat was a divine hermaphrodite or self-impregnating lesbian. This takes the last of the glory away from Allah. He was the consort of a lady who could just as easily be male herself, and she didn't need him to sire her offspring. (FOOTNOTE 115:  89 / 65 / 382)

From ancient days, when Allat was derived from the original goddess Ninlil, her symbol was the serpent (phallus) and the mountain and stars. It is interesting that Saint Peter's Basilica (literally, Serpent temple) has serpentine pillars holding up the canopy of the altar. Also, in Catholic symbolism, Mary is commonly portrayed standing in a crescent moon with her head wreathed in stars, NOT a Biblical notion at all. Of course, we see here the star and crescent of Islam, and Mohammed claimed there was a serpent under the Kaaba guarding it. (FOOTNOTE 116:  105 / 148, 220 / 902-904; 194 / 50-51 / 711)


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I think we can draw a parallel from Allat and her consorts to the feminist movement today. Their leaders are high-powered, mean-tempered, man-busters who boldly speak of not needing men. Their gender is hard to distinguish, and they exalt lesbianism. It is always the case, that those men who are allowed to join in the feminist platform activities, are social limp-wristed misfits who sniffle up to these tussies. Food for thought, right? History is not "politically correct" if correctly interpreted.

The macho zeal of the Bedouin Arab in Mohammed could not tolerate the Allat feminist authority, so he demoted her back to "swan of heaven" in the Satanic Verses. It is also interesting, that about the time that Mohammed was demoting Allat, the heirs of Constantine's Holy Roman Empire were exalting their goddess, Mary, in Rome. Did you ever wonder why so many Catholic priests behave like sissies? They have been mentally and theologically emasculated by their goddess.

As we mentioned before, at the same time she was moving south to Arabia, Allat moved west to Rome as Lat, and the land became Latinia, with Latin the mother language. So, it is no wonder that the Biblical Mary would be blasphemed as the goddess who displaced Lato and Allat. Even the sexual symbolism of Allat is retained as the Catholic artists of the post-Constantinian era immediately began painting Mary with baby Jesus on her lap with her breast hanging out.

This, along with the unbelievable obsession with naked women and naked male cherubs in the Vatican library murals, proves that the zeal for Mary by the Roman priest is a comfort to his groin as much as his soul. This is exactly what the male worshippers and priests of Allat thought in Sumer and Babylon, and in Mecca and Taif, as they forced their wives to dance naked around her white stone pillar. (FOOTNOTE 117:  89 / 2-87 / 347-393)

To see the phallic god who was the counterpart to Allat,

The statues and figurines of Allat were always naked with huge breasts and a very distinct vulva area. Some were simply a square stone with two great breasts at the top and a monstrous vulva beneath. "These be your gods" dear Roman Catholic friend. She had to give the male god his sexual power, and she doled it out as long as he satisfied her. In paganized Cabalistic Hebrew legend, Allat's look-alike sent incubi and succubi to tempt and sexually molest men and women in their sleep. As sumptuous as her body was, it terminated in clawed feet which pointed to the characteristic of a bird of prey. All around, quite a lady, whether in Rome or Mecca! (FOOTNOTE 118:  52 / 116 / 116-133 / 907-916) See the link up the page.


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Oh, that Roman Catholics could grasp the truth of this picture-- their Mary is totally alien to the Mary of the Bible. And I must warn the Muslim reader of this; Allat will return to Mecca. She will return as Mary as a result of the Pope's courtship of the Muslim Sheiks and Mullahs. The Pope has recently been praying and worshipping with Muslims at shrines of Mary. Ahmed Deedat, according to papers he distributes, has begged the Pope to allow Muslims entry into the Vatican to worship. (FOOTNOTE 119:  In response to Ahmed Deedat's open letter on behalf of Islamic leaders dated June 1, 1984, the Pope agreed to meet with the Muslim Imams. It seems the Pope balked though, and the Imams are still seeking this audience. Can someone update this situation. Please report to me.) Have you wondered why a Muslim Palestinian leader has such zeal to attend Christmas Catholic Mass in Bethlehem? Is it possibly because the void left by Mohammed's demotion of Allat is so pleasantly filled by the Mary of the Roman Catholic Church.

Satan wants his goddess / whore back in charge of Islam, Catholicism, and the New World Order, indeed all of the people of the world. This is the Whore of the Bible, Revelation 17-18, and the woman in the ephah of Zechariah 5. "Come out of her" before the Lord Jesus Christ comes down to blast her and her followers off of the face of the earth.

So you see, it is no small matter, that is, the rise and influence of this Allat. Ancient inscription evidence abounds, but limitations of space forbid giving them here. Send for them if you want them.

To see one illustration of a Middle Eastern inscription reference to Allat, CLICK HERE


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That Mohammed let Allat into Islam's Koran through the "Satanic Verses" is tribute to her staying power. In an effort to explain away his blunder, Mohammed blamed this on the devil, but the fact remains that Allat is the feminine of Allah, and she was there from the beginning in Sumer over 2500 years before Mohammed got his alleged revelations in a cave outside of Mecca. She was a nasty dirty whore figure, and remains the lust symbol of the ages. At this hour she is hiding behind Mary's skirts, she is lurking in the shadow of Sura 53 of the Koran, and she inspires the feminist zeal of the New Age.

To see one of Allat's consorts who had her before Allah, CLICK HERE.

We have shown that Allat was paramount in pre-Islamic Mecca, and she reigned with Allah above the 360 other gods in the Kaaba. This is the final blow to the divinity of Allah and Mohammed's claim that Allah is the God of the Bible. (FOOTNOTE 120:  203 / 113-115 / 604-605; 60 / 299 / 486) Allah was a myth, a fraud, and a timid paramour to an immoral whore. While Haji Allah was holding court with the gods of the Kaaba, Allat was "workin' nine to five" as the madam of the Arabian brothel of goddesses. Hard as it may be for the Muslim reader to consider, this is the Muslim god and his consort goddess.

We have finished the Hajj. We have accompanied Haji Allah to Mecca via both trade routes, and we have introduced you to his wicked wife, Allat. My dear Muslim friend, what will you do about this?

Dear Middle Eastern Christian, will you still pray to "Allah" and pretend he is Elohim? No greater blasphemy exists, for Allah is the consort of the mythological goddess of Hell. Is not Allah a devil? From now on, every Christian from the Middle East is 100% responsible for the careless use of the name Allah in place of the precious Name of Jehovah God. I have warned you and proven my case. The Name of Elohim is Holy. There is no feminine for Elohim, but there is for Allah.



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