Like the sodomites of Paris, Adam and Eve tried to cover themselves with environmentally correct materials-- fig leaves. They did not want the clothing which would remind them that clothing came from their sin. God had to kill an animal, skin it, and dress them in skins as reminders of their fallen state. Today, the high minded New Age space cadets of Hollywood-- the scum of the earth-- take off their clothes as acts of rebellion against God's holy standard. Sad to say, some of the saints in the Lord's Church follow their lead.

Islam pretends to be very modest. Women are fully clothed, and some Westerners are deceived into thinking this is a sign of modesty. Take notice-- The men of Islam have no shame in sitting in a restaurant and lusting and drooling over a very briefly clad belly dancer who grinds away right in their face. This is the modesty of Mohammed's folks.  Also, the Muslim man will give you a definition of silk like this, "Allah gave us silk so that women could go nude in clothes."  Man has always been a failure at dressing right.