The Hadith (Inspired Sayings) of Mohammed

Strange Matters

Very complicated -- Sahih Buhari--  Volume 3, Book 48, Number 808: Strange

Narrated Abdullah bin Abu Mulaika from 'Uqba bin Al-Harith: Uqba married the daughter of Abu Ihab bin Aziz, and then a woman came and said, "I suckled 'Uqba and his wife." 'Uqba said to her, "I do not know that you have suckled me, and you did not inform me." He then sent someone to the house of Abu Ihab to enquire about that but they did not know that she had suckled their daughter. Then 'Uqba went to the Prophet in Medina and asked him about it. The Prophet said to him, "How (can you keep your wife) after it has been said (that both of you were suckled by the same woman)?" So, he divorced her and she was married to another (husband).

Strange judgments -- Volume 3, Book 48, Number 827:

Narrated Uqba bin Al-Harith: That he had married Um Yahya bint Abu Ihab. He said. "A black slave-lady came and said, 'I suckled you both.' I then mentioned that to the Prophet who turned his face aside." Uqba further said, "I went to the other side and told the Prophet about it. He said, 'How can you (keep her as your wife) when the lady has said that she suckled both of you (i.e. you and your wife?)" So, the Prophet ordered him to divorce her.

What is this? -- Volume 4, Book 54, Number 520:

Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said, "The main source of disbelief is in the east. Pride and arrogance are characteristics of the owners of horses and camels, and those bedouins who are busy with their camels and pay no attention to Religion; while modesty and gentleness are the characteristics of the owners of sheep."

Fazlul Maulana--  Al Hadis, Vol 4, p. 435, Ali-b-Abu Taleb reported, "I was with the Prophet at Mecca and we came out by one of its sides. No mountain or tree met him but it was saying, 'greeting on thee, O Apostle of Allah." Attested by Tirmizi, Darimi.