A disappointing Muslim response
Shameful that rich Muslim countries respond so weakly to humanity's catastrophe.
By Seah Chiang Nee


Southern Asia's tsunami tells us a lot about human nature.


It shows us how far ahead the West is when it comes to giving charity and care to the needy.

The West is often condemned as evil, but let's face it, in the area of giving, they have a far superior culture.

Look at the list of donor countries to tsunami victims as well as the individual donors. They are overwhelmingly Western.

Where are all the rich Arab and Muslim countries? Where is China? And Russia? From Brunei, there is silence.

Some of them are donors, of course, but their contributions - in relation to their wealth - are grotesquely small - as of now.

There are two sources of help. The first are governments which contribute cash, supplies, personnels, equipment and transportation like planes and ships.

Secondly and by far the largest donations actually come from private sources - corporations and individuals. Both add up to US$1billion so far.

Only a small drip comes from the oil wealth - especially the Muslim countries.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar each gave US$10M and Kuwait and UAE each pledged US$2million. By comparison, Mr Li Ka-shing himself contributed US$3million.

(Don't forget the world went to war to save Kuwait from Saddam Hussein at tremendous costs).

As for individual Arabs or Muslims, there comes a deafening sound of silence.

While many Muslims, especially Saudis, are prepared to contribute hundreds of millions to militant causes to destroy the West or "infidels" only a few dinars are going to the tsunami victims.

The fact the Muslims (in Aceh) make up the biggest group of sufferers makes little difference to them.

In contrast, Americans - which many Muslims denounce as 'evil' - are donating US$350 million. Of the nine biggest donors, seven are Westerners - US, Britain, EU, Canada, Australia, France and Denmark.

Special kudos to Australia, which contributes most in per capita basis.

We're often reminded that Muslims make up a quarter of mankind. Where is it when help is needed? Has al-Alzeera come out and campign for Muslim donations? If not, why not?

This is not lost to the Internet community.

One blogger, Sea-Eat says "The question should be asked; where are the Arab countries? Saudi Arabia stepped up to the plate with a donation of 10 million.

"But considering that they raked in US286 Billion in oil exports in 2004, is US$10 million really something to crow about? These (the Acehnese) are their (Muslim) brethren, their fellow Muslims."

In fact some 99 per cent of aid for Aceh, a Muslim province, comes from non-Muslims, said a chatsite letter.

Referring to non-contributing Arabs, he said, "Every life is only worth a human bomb to them, nothing more. Only important thing for them is oil and power. Say no to them and you die!"

In fairness, several Arab countries have dispatched relief materials in addition to cash.

The United Arab Emirates Red Crescent dispatched relief materials and a team of 25 trained officers and four police dogs for rescue missions to Indonesia.

Qatar has further offered immediate humanitarian assistance to the displaced in Indonesia. Qatar Airways has also joined forces by ferrying stranded passengers affected by the devastating tidal waves.

A special Qatar Airways charter aircraft flew to the Maldives in the Indian Ocean to pick up 130 stranded guests in the Maldives before returning to Doha in the evening.

However, a lot more can and should be done. Few complain about poor Islamic countries or poor Muslims not able to help much.

But the oil-rich and middle class Muslims certainly can do a lot more. Here's a chance to show that Islam is a merciful religion.

By Seah Chiang Nee

Editor: Steve Van Nattan: The Middle East takes the cash off of Asia for oil, but these sons of Allah feel no great empathy for the suffering. This is clearly because Islam is a religion of mindless hate for anyone who is not an Arab. This is racism at its most exquisite worst. If you are a Muslim, you will answer to God the Son, Jesus Christ, one day for following the hateful teachings of Mohammed.

Please repent now, and worship Jesus Christ.