The Future of the Alleged "Royal Family"


For some time now I have been getting signals about Saudi Arabia. I think it is time to tell you what I know, and, in the end of this page, I will do a bit of speculating based on my research of the Middle East.

This page will consist of the following:

1. A brief review of the history of Saudi Arabia

2. A discussion of why the USA has interests in Saudi Arabia, and how that looks today.

3. A discussion of Osama Bin Ladan and his true zeal.

4. Three postings from an Arab Muslim dissenting against the Saudi Regime.

5. Material gleaned from the Web on Saudi present conditions.

6. My final observations, particularly using the King James Bible

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1. A brief review of the history of Saudi Arabia

Before 1932, Saudi Arabia was simply Arabia, and that title was mainly given to the area by the outside world. The local Arabs named themselves according to their clans and tribes, and the suffixed title, "Bani," went in front of the name of each clan of Bedouin who roamed Arabia. Thus, Bani Katab was a tribe in the Haudramaut, or south of Arabia. Bani Habasha was the name given to the tribe from which the Ethiopian people descended. And, Bani Saud was the name of a scruffy and mean tempered tribe to the north of the Arabian desert near a dusty little village named Riyadh.

The Bani Saud leaders were NOT royal, and the concept of a royal family in Arabia, in ancient times, was absolutely nil. Arabia was ruled, clan area by clan area, by those who ruled best, and that was accomplished by the sword and later the gun. If the Bani Katab had conquered better, Saudi Arabia would now be called Katabi Arabia, and they would also, no doubt, fantasize that they were somehow royal.

So, the Saudi leaders thrashed around the deserts of Arabia, trying to find a way to rule the whole Bedouin community from the Indian Ocean to Petra. The Turks put an end to this, and the Saudis had to flee to present day Kuwait in the 1880s to 1920s for refuge. The British had not yet invented Kuwait, so the Bani Saud had to hang out for a number of years with the Bani Al Sabah clan at the head of the Persian Gulf.

Well, the Bani Al Sabah family soon came into "royalty" courtesy of the British Arabists and Queen Victoria, and they got a bit uneasy with the fierce tempered Bani Saud hanging around. Thus, Ibn Saud, patriarch of the clan, headed for Riyadh to the west. The Turks by then were pretty much out to lunch as decedents, and Allenby had thrashed them at Jerusalem. So Ibn Saud took Riyadh hands down and ran the Turks off for good.

The British were up to their nostrils in this intrigue, and they made sure Ibn Saud prospered in his new venture, and in 1932, Ibn Saud declared Arabia a Kingdom, and named it Saudi Arabia. This was a virtual first in Arabia. Ibn Saud, by sword, stealth, and bribery, convinced the Bedouin of the Arabian Peninsula to submit to his rule, and that is right where it has stayed ever since. If you think The Saudi "Royal Family" is in control of Arabia, be careful. Lots of Bedouin have waited patiently for many years for a chance to trash the Saudis. There day may well have arrived, and Sheik Osama Bin Ladan is a major player in the ongoing struggle to take back Arabia from the Bani Saud.

I want to illustrate the feeling in Saudi Arabia for the Saud family. A friend of ours was in the Air Force and sent to participate in the Desert Storm war. He was quartered, courtesy of the Saudi government in a brand new apartment complex. He said it was quite modern and comfortable. The complex was NOT built for US soldiers. It had been built for the Bedouin tribes to entice them to come live in the city of Riyadh. Each apartment came with a carport and a camel stall. The Bedouin flatly refused to live there, and until Desert Storm, the apartments were deserted and unused. This illustrates what the rest of the Saudi Arabian population think of the Bani Saud.

This history is a very short version I realize, but then, Saudi Arabia has only been a nation since 1932.

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2. A discussion of why the USA and Great Britain have interests in Saudi Arabia, and how that looks today.

From the mid 1800s, Great Britain has been playing a cool diplomatic game in the Middle East. Much of the chaos in that part of the world is a result of their tricks and high minded games. Some Arabs know this, but most Arabs and Israelis do not fully appreciate the evil done to the Middle East by the British government.

Before the British began inventing and manipulating nations in the Middle East, the Arabs and the Jews got on very well. I have heard many tales, from Arabs and Jews, of how good life was in Palestine, Damascus, and especially Baghdad. A Jewish family virtually ruled Tema in the north of Arabia, the largest oasis in the Middle East, for 150 years. Yemen had been a very prosperous place for Jews before the British began to meddle. Lines in the sand did not exist until the Anglo race entered and insisted that one's turf needed to be better defined, first by war, then by treaty. No such notions existed in old Arabia.

Great Britain invented, or took by stealth, the following nations:

1. Modern Egypt- Britain ruled Egypt until the Arabs there ran them off. The British have meddled ever since via their clever Arabists.

2. Sudan- England tried to subdue Sudan, and failed at first, until Emin Pasha, a German Doctor, went into service to Great Britain, turned Muslim, and took over the southern half of Sudan for Islam and Britain. England has ALWAYS been tolerant of Islam if it served their purposes.

3. Iraq- This nation was the possession of the Ottoman Turks until World War I. The Turks came down on the wrong side in that War, and the League of Nations punished them for it by trashing their empire. No great loss really. The League of Nations assigned the Iraq region to Great Britain, and they went looking for a likely Bedouin Arab to be "King" of the new nation. In 1921, King Faisal I took the throne, and he was mentored by the queer TL Lawrence (of Arabia) to make sure Faisal did only nice things for the West, Great Britain in particular. Faisal I was succeeded by his "royal" son and grandson, and along came Faisal II. He was overpowered by a Military coup, and a Baath "Christian" named Saddam Hussein bravely (?) offered to rule for a while. That is the happy ending of British meddling folks.

4. Jordan- Sherif Hussein was a mover and shaker in the area of Jordan and Iraq as we now know them. He joined the British to fight the Turks because he saw that the British were likely to win. For his faithful service, two of his sons became kings and hatched "Royal" families. His son Faisal went to Iraq under British arms to be King, and his son Abdullah went to Jordan to be the new "King" and hatch a "Royal family." This was in 1921-- same year Iraq was invented by Britain. Abdullah was a good boy, and he sent his son, Hussein, to Great Britain to be trained in UK military academies. This took well, and Hussein married an Anglo wife also. Never has a Arab thought like an Anglo like King Hussein of Jordan. His son, who now rules Jordan, also has an Anglo wife, and he promised to be as un-Arab as any Arab on earth. Nice boy though-- I like him.

Are you beginning to see why Great Britain refused to take Jews from Hitler? Do you see why Great Britain made such a royal mess of the inventing of the Israeli state? Britain owed many favors to the Arabs, and British Arabists are notoriously patronizing to Arabs and hateful to Jews. THAT is history which no intelligent Briton will deny.

The US has had limited impact on Jordan, but this is not too disconcerting since the British have tremendous power over the Jordanian "royal family" until this hour. So, the West can usually push the Jordanians into a neutral position with regard to Israel and Saddam Hussein.

5. Kuwait- Well, here was the single most absurd invention in British colonial history. The head of the Persian Gulf could easily be argued to belong to Iran. It had been theirs off and on for thousands of years, and they needed the ports there. It could also be argued that Bahrain should have the area. They were just south, and they had prospered of late and the Bedouin at Basra and that area were close family with the Bahrainis. It could be argued that historically Basra and the north gulf area should go to Iraq, for the area was virtually homesteaded by Babylon 1500 years ago.

So what did the clever British government do? They made as much chaos in the area as possible. The British had established a mail service from the area to Syria as early as 1775, and they meddled with and pampered the Al-Sabah family. In 1899, Britain magnanimously offered to defend Kuwait, and the Al-Sabah family had no choice but to accept, what with the greater Arab powers at their door, and the whole population somewhere around 20,000 people.

Britain hovered over the Al-Sabah family, ignored their slave traffic, and finally brought in the US oil companies in a joint venture to drill for oil in 1934. The scruffy Bedouin family Al-Sabah very quickly became unbelievably rich, and they have been until this moment. They also have never stopped trading in slaves.

6. Bahrain- In 2000 BC, the present island of Bahrain was known as Dilmun. It was so far from Sumer that the Sumerians never tried to conquer it. Instead, they traded with Dilmun, and no small nation ever enjoyed such prosperity without fighting off enemies or being conquered.

The Persians controlled Bahrain during the 1500s, and then Persia controlled them in later years. In 1782 the Bani Saud clan from Riyadh drove the Persians off, and the Saudis ruled Bahrain in a rather friendly manner. Islam seemed to temper the Saudis. During the early 1800s the British saw Bahrain as a great staging point for trade, so they "rescued" the Bahrainis from the Saudis and the Turks, and Bahrain became a British Protectorate in 1861.

Bahrain was the first Arab nation to install social services for the poor, and they were one of the rare cases where the people demanded a voice in governing themselves, and the "royal family" gave it to them. The British tried to define themselves into Bahraini life, mostly out of lust for the oil, but in 1971 Britain could no longer claim they were needed. The British tucked their tail between their legs and slipped away.

But, the US had gotten into the act by then, and US and British oil ventures and Bahraini greed melded to create a Western power base via banks and oil production agreements. Oil has made Bahrain, and much of the Persian Gulf, a de facto slave of world bankers and oil companies.

7. Saudi Arabia- Now, we come to the central player, and we see that Saudi Arabia has been the king pin in Great Britain's strategy in the Middle East. This is because the British know who can influence the rest of the Arab world- the Bani Saud. Saudi Arabia has been central to oil pricing as Sheik Yamani and other Saudi diplomats have pressed all Middle Eastern nations to price and pump oil by Saudi rules.

Saudi Arabia has been the major banking entity in the Middle East because they were first to generate vast surpluses on profits from their oil production. This is now reversed as the US oil and banking barons have forced oil prices down and coaxed the Saudis into taking large loans from international banks.

Recently, Bahrain and other Emirates have formed a banking cartel which has angered the Saudis. It should be easy to see how powerful Saudi Arabian and US bankers are, for they were the pious powers who blew open the BCCI banking community in the Gulf. A banking cartel was set in place in the 1970s which included Indonesia, President Markos, several German financiers, an English errand boy named Jonathan May, the Shah of Iran, and the Persian Gulf Arab Sheiks. This cartel was to become a balancing power against Western Bankers, and the Cartel enlisted the resources in silver of the Hunt brothers of Texas, as well as Governor Connaly of Texas. You know the rest of the story. All the parties involved have since either gone belly up, or they have been snuffed by Western stealth. Thus, BCCI.

AND, Saudi Arabia prevails, not because of any love lost for them, but they have gone into debt to the tune of $50 billion, and they can count on the bankers to cover for them in order for the bankers to recoup their outstanding loans to the Saudis.

Finally, you can see why the USA used the Saudis as their surrogate power base in the Middle East during Desert Storm, and why the US Military is still parked in the sands of Arabia. You can see why Arabs all around the Middle East regard the Saudis as traitors for letting a neo-colonial era to come upon them via the alleged terror of Saddam Hussein. You can see why Israel does not trust the British, the USA, or any nation in the Middle East. Britain, and the oil and banking powers, will trash anyone they need to in order to keep the debt payments flowing, and Israel is a net loss to the West.

And, if Israel were to ever make peace with the Arab nations, the resulting Middle Eastern power and economic structure would overshadow the whole world, what with Arab oil and Jewish stealth in commerce. The West MUST keep the Middle East destabilized in order to keep the upper hand. There will NEVER be a peace treaty in the Middle East, at least not until Messiah reigns in the area.

Here is the Bible prophecy which told us this would be the overall picture in our day:

Genesis 9:27 God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.

God was speaking through Noah after the flood. Shem has had Japheth meddling and snooping around his tents since the prophecy, and Japheth (the white race) is now writing a mortgage on the tent also!

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3. A discussion of Osama Bin Ladan and his true zeal.

Bin Laden is not a member of the Saudi tribe. He is an Arabian, but of another clan, and NONE of these other Arabian clans have forgotten that the Saudis thrashed them around 1900 to 1930 in order to take the "kingdom." ALL the Bedouin clans wait for revenge. This I knew long ago, and I have wondered how long it would be before the rest of the Arabs in Saudi Arabia would rise up and blow the Saudis into hell.

NPR related how Osama Bin Laden has been a champion of the Mujahedeen for years. Bin Laden would go to Afghanistan, and I am told Iraq, during the Iraq/Iran war, and he would visit the wounded in the hospitals. He would take down their names, and a couple of weeks later, a large and mysterious cash gift would materialize at the home of the wounded soldier.

It seems that Bin Laden lives and breaths for the day when the Saudi "Royal Family" is destroyed. He has no hate for other Arab leaders-- only for the Saudis. His blowing up of the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania have not been proven, and he has yet to attack the US directly. However; it would be obvious that he would attack the US and Great Britain, for they are propping up the Saudi regime. As long as the West meddles in the affairs of Arabia, men like Osama Bin Laden will threaten the West. (written long before 9-11)

This is why Saddam Hussein gains the favor of the vast majority of the Arab world at the street level. You see, Saddam is a member of the Baath Party, an elite collection of old world Assyrians. Saddam was baptized as a baby into the Orthodox Christian faith of Iraq, and the Baath families are NOT good Muslims. But, the Arab world sees Saddam as a force to break up the Western strangle hold on the Middle East. So, his photo op Islamic prayer photos in the mosque, phoney as they are, are accepted by the masses. You may be sure though, that the powers of Saudi Arabia and Egypt know very well that Saddam is on the right wave length of the Arab people. They do fear him for that, and this is why Saudi Arabia eagerly invited the US to base their war against Saddam on Saudi soil.

Thus, Osama Bin Laden is the darling of Afghanistan, Yemen, and the dessenting tribes of Saudi Arabia, and many other radical Muslims see Bin Laden as pure and void of pollutants from the West. Unless the US and Great Britain get him and put him away, like George H. Bush did with Noriega, Bin Laden will eventually trash the Bani Saud and take over Arabia in general, and Mecca in particular. Millions of Arabs will shout for joy, and the bankers may take losses great enough to force them into bankruptcy in some cases.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


4. Three postings from an Arab Muslim dessenting against the Saudi Regime.

Now, I give you, with no alterations, three letters sent to me by a very motivated enemy of the Bani Saud (Saudi Royal Family). I hope these letters reveal the mind of the coming Arab rebellion in the Middle East. This rebellion will lead right into the arms of the Antichrist, for a Mujahedeen revival in Arabia will drive all Arab nations except Jordan into passionate Islamic zeal and hate for Israel.

I think you will be very startled at letter number three, for in this letter the writer reveals how the Saudis treat Christians in Saudi Arabia. This is an old Arab trait. The writer feels that he and I have the Arabian cause in common, and he can therefore set aside the fact that I am a kaffir (pagan) or Christian, and he and I can join forces against the common enemy. This is classic Arab behavior, and it is not a trick at all. The writer is very sincere. Now, after Arabia is cleansed of the Saudis, I will of course have to tread cautiously again, for all things return to their former position, and I will again become a kaffir. This is not particularly wicked, it is simply the way of the Middle East.


Letter One: This is the perspective of the Saudi betrayal of the rest of the Arab world.

From: shaikh-juhayman_____________
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 08:39:10 -0500 (EST)
Subject: I will help you crush these saudis.


The Saud Regime:

Its Legality & Achievements

The "Saudi" Arabian peninsula is passing through a sensitive phase which will have a big effect in shaping the future of Islam in the Muslim Gulf. Perhaps the most evident of the features of this phase is the Islamic resurgence which revealed the fraud of the Saudi system, and confirmed the illegitimacy of the Saudi rule over the Muslims, and which has taken practical steps to effect change. Added to this are a number of events with respect to the economy, politics, society, and security which will compete to weigh the balance in favor of the Muslim tide - God willing.

A glance at history

A little over 64 years ago Abdul Aziz Aal Saud took advantage - in consort with the English - of the call of Sheik Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab to form his Saudi Kingdom in the Arabian peninsula.

After the entry of the Salafi movement into Makkah and its influence over it in 1925, Abdul Aziz began to realize the danger of this movement on his rule, particularly as they demanded continuation of Jihad in Jordan, Iraq, and Kuwait and reject the loyalty of Abdul Aziz to the British. Abdul Aziz then betrayed the Salafi movement and killed thousands of its best adherents.

Despite this open war against the inviters to Islam, Abdul Aziz, and after him, his heirs, Faisal, Khaled, and Fahd - have not departed from the lie which says that there is an Islamic Kingdom applying the law of Allah. So what is the truth of these claims?

The legality of the Saudi regime

The Saudi regime has lost the most important card which it used to take advantage of to maintain its existence, and this was the card of Islam. The claims of applying Shari"ah and defense of Islam have become empty, and no longer have any connection with the real situation.

The fallacy of these claims has been proven through:

Governing in accordance with man-made laws, and the legislature of these. Topping the black list is the passage of laws permitting interest based banks to increase their activities. This includes also a number of laws such as those for work and workers, the law for the Saudi Arabian army, and the law of the trade room, and others which run contrary to the law of Allah.

The loyalty of the regime to the enemies of Islam such as the Jews, the Christians, and the atheists, and the regimes enmity towards Islam.

Resorting to secular laws with respect to its foreign policies, and the setting aside of the laws of Islam with respect to international relations.

They have achieved this knowing fully well that any of these is sufficient to take its propagator outside the fold of Islam.

Allah Most High said: "Did you not see to those who claim that they have believed in what was revealed to you and what was revealed before you, wanting to rule according to Satan, and they had been ordered to reject him.�� [S.4, V.60]. Sheik Abdul Rahman Ail Sheik says in interpreting this verse: "Whoever calls towards other than the law of Allah and His Messenger, has departed from what the Messenger (peace and blessings upon him) came with, preferred something else over it, and made to Allah a partner in obedience, and has infringed what the Messenger (peace and blessings upon him) came with, of what Allah Most High has commanded him: "And judge between them with what Allah has revealed and do not follow their whims.�� [S.5 V. 49]. So whoever infringes what Allah has commanded His Messenger (peace and blessings upon him) by ruling with other than what Allah has sent, or demands to follow his own whims has broken the collar of Islam and Iman from his neck, even if he ! claims! to be a Muslim.�� [Fathul Majid Sharh Kitabul Tawhid p292.]

Shaikhul Islam Ibn Taymmya says: "It is known as a requirement of Islam, by consensus of all Muslims, that whoever wishes to follow other than Islam, and a law other than the one brought by Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) is a rejecter.�� [Majmou"ul fatawa vol 12 p 524].

*Allah Most High said: "O you who have believed: do not take the Jews and the Christians as protecting friends, they are protecting friends of each other, and whoever amongst you takes them as protecting friends, he is of them. Truly Allah does not guide oppressing folk.�� [S.5, V.51] Befriending the rejecters and succouring them against the Muslims is regarded as complete rejection of Islam. Shaikhul Islam Ibn Taymmya has mentioned this, as has Sheik Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab amongst the ten criteria which breach Islam.

It becomes obvious from this that the Saudi regime does not differ from the other apostate regimes which dominate Muslim countries, even though it may attempt to fool people through applying some of the laws of Islam over the common people, in particular the laws entitled "the personal laws".

This is the prevailing situation with the regime of the Saud Dynasty. As for the achievements of the regime in the worldly sphere, we will discuss this without reservation.

What the Arabian Peninsula has suffered under Saudi rule

The administration of the Saud dynasty has failed in all areas and in the various fields.

On the Economic field:

Fahd, in a record period not exceeding 7 years was able to kill the national economic framework, and its huge financial reserves.

After the country being among the richest in the world, and after its reserves reaching 140 billion dollars, Saudia has become indebted to the tune of billions, with its citizens changing from having the greatest reserves to having the greatest debt.

Amongst the most important catalysts to this choking economic catastrophe:

Firstly: the failed policies which led to a slide in the value of oil. It is known that the Saudi economy depends mainly on its huge oil reserves, making up 25% of world oil reserves. The price of oil began to slide since the first Gulf war between Iraq and Iran as the White House demanded an increase in oil production to force down the price of Iranian oil. This led to a steep decline in price, in that the price per barrel went from $45 to $30, until it reached its current low of $18 leading to annual losses amounting to billions of dollars.

Secondly: squandering of monetary reserves in compliance with American orders, as Fahd offered his ex-friend Saddam Hussain $25 billion during his war with Iran. Saudia also undertook most of the expenses of the second Gulf War which was created by the United States to invade the Arabian Peninsula; the cost of this was estimated at $60 billion.

Thirdly: the theft of the Muslim Ummah"s funds at the hands of thousands of princes belonging to the ruling family who draw tremendous salaries. The personal wealth of Fahd alone is estimated at $40 billion.

Fourthly: the question over future oil income by the United States of America and its Western partners, through trade deals having as a primary aim of rescuing the sliding Western economies. Examples of this include the deal with respect to the civil and military jet deals with America which cost around $40 billion, the purchase of 48 Tornado jets from Britain, knowing fully-well that Saudi does not possess the human resources to use the equipment she is purchasing. This became as obvious as the sun during the Gulf war.

All these reasons and some others led to the loss of the economy in a terrible way, forcing the regime to review its foreign debt repayment schedule, which it is finding itself unable to pay. Paying the interest alone on these debts has become a heavy burden on the country"s budget.

Naturally, this economic catastrophe would not effect the lifestyle of the members of the ruling family. They leave it to the struggling public to face the results of the economic policies of the Saudi dynasty.

Then the Saudi dynasty took refuge in new methods to obtain liquid currency, by imposing additional taxes over electricity and the telephone without any explanation. The government also began to sell public assets to the citizens, the first amongst these being the sale of Saudi airlines.

The Saud Dynasty and the social situation:

The ruling family deals with crown land as well as private land as if these were their own personal property. The princes place their hands over vast areas of land, then they present these to their friends and supporters of leeches and hypocrites, not to mention the building of fantastic palaces which are spread in various parts of the country as well as outside it.

Look at the recent trip of Abdul Aziz Ibn Fahd to the Spanish seaside, accompanied by his large flotilla of servants, and airplanes which specialize in bringing the meals prepared in Parisian kitchens, and "other needs"!?!

This royal extravagance was accompanied with an organized effort to secularize the Muslim people and spread in their midst rejectionist ideas, and moral decadence. Amongst their evil tools is the media which busy"s itself with all which incurs the wrath of Allah, to the television which grabs whatever may corrupt from the garbage of the world cinema, to the change of the education curriculum with what fits with controlling people and branding them, as they also send the best amongst their youth to the West where the roots of the Western mentality become planted in their souls.

This was accompanied with a huge laxity in security, leading to increase in thefts, muggings, and drugs in a manner never seen in that country. In addition to this, there has been an increase in unemployment amongst the graduates of universities and technical colleges to 30%.

The foreign policies of the regime, and its loyalty to the Christian West:

It suffices to state the following in this area:

1 - The second Gulf war: The Saudi regime opened the country to the Christian forces which made of the land of the peninsula a base to set forth and destroy the Iraqi people. Of the most important achievements of this war was the establishment of the New World Order under the leadership of America, not to mention the leaving behind of tens of thousands of fully armed American troops on the Arabian peninsula and in Gulf waters.

2 - Peace with "Israel": The regime sacrificed the primary concern of the Muslims - Palestine and the welfare of the Muslims living in it, thus complying with the orders of the New World Order, and giving their blessings to the operations of subservience and humiliation. Then they gave Yasser Arafat a financial reward amounting to $100 million in order to fulfil the mission which has been trusted to him, and eliminate the Islamic Jihad movements in Palestine. Then the regime extracted a ruling attributed to Sheik Ibn Baz permitting peace with the Jews in order to give a fake approval to this treacherous activity.

Adding to this, other ignominious stances were taken as the regime stood beside the Communists and gave them money and arms in the latest war in Yemen; offering the apostate Algiers regime billions of dollars to continue to lengthen its resistance in the face of the Mujahideen; and prior to this, giving to the Soviet Union $4 billion to rescue its failing economy.

The Confrontation

Two main reasons pushed the regime to enter an open confrontation with the Islamic movement:

1 - Orders of the New World Order to strike the corrective Islamic movements which now pose a danger to the policies of the United States in the Middle East, particularly with respect to what is connected to the "peace" process, and the process of "normalizing", in addition to their "nature" threatening the strategic interests of America with respect to oil.

2 - The sensing by the Saudi's of the danger of the corrective Islamic movement against their throne.

After a period of peace with it, the regime began to arrest hundreds of Imams, callers to Islam, and the youth who are known for their knowledge, piety, and righteousness. The arrests and imprisonment of the Muslims which has continued for more than a year are yet to halt.

Then the regime set a number of precedents closing the door to a number of benevolent and charitable organizations which had an effective role in helping the Muslims of Afghanistan, Bosnia, and other places.

The regime then decided to increase the stakes in a dangerous manner. It began to shed blood, as its criminal forces killed brother Abdullah AlHudhaif - one of those who offered Jihad in Afghanistan - after torturing him, under the accusation of resisting arrest.

This new escalation comes to prove, not leaving any scope for doubt that the apostate regime will stop at nothing to remain in power.

As for us, we have complete faith in Allah, Exalted and Glorified, and with the leaders of the Islamic movements on the Arabian Peninsula who fully understand when a full confrontation must begin which will eject the treacherous apostate Saud dynasty regime, and raise the banner of Tawheed (no god except Allah) as a true flag for a people who live according to the revelations. "On that day, the faithful will be happy, with the victory from Allah, He succours whom He wills, and He is the Sublime, the Merciful.��  

My name is Juhayman.

Letter Two: This letter is a transcription of a newspaper account of torture in Saudi Arabia.






As this news bulletin goes to press, there are currently over 2000 Mujahideen that have been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia during the latest oppression that began a few days before Hajj. Azzam Publications has managed to conduct an exclusive interview with one brother who spent some time in a Saudi prison within the last few months. He was arrested when he returned from a land of Jihad, but Alhamdulillah, he was released and fled the country before the latest crackdown. Azzam Publications is still in contact with this brother and able to answer any questions relating to it.

We would like to say that what you are about to read is not a fabricated or second-hand account. This account was taken DIRECTLY from the mouth of the brother who underwent this torture. Defenders of the Saudi regime will nonetheless try to say that this is a made-up story or that it is lies. In this case:





In the Name of ALLAH, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind

I don't know what to say in the beginning and how to start the story, but I find myself forced to speak the truth and to let the world know about the biggest hypocrite regime on the face of the Earth. Words are not sufficient for me to describe what happened.

I returned from the Jihad in Afghanistan, where I had gone to help the oppressed Muslims and fulfill my duty to Allah (SWT). One night I was sleeping with my family at my home in Al-Khobar, in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. My family heard a loud knocking on the front door which frightened them. My brother went to open the door, and as soon as he tried to open the door, the visitors forced their way into the house and put him up against the wall. They also got my other family members up against the wall. They forcefully woke me up from my sleep, dragged me by my clothes and put me against the wall as well. They started to swear at me:

"You son of an adulteress! You dog! Where are the weapons in your house ?"

I told them that I did not have any weapons in my house. Then they started to beat me, in front of my family. They began searching my house and went through my things. Then they handcuffed me and took me in a car to the headquarters of the intelligence services.

When we reached the headquarters, they forced me out of the car and took me to one of the rooms. In that room, they removed all of my clothes and started to laugh whilst commenting on my 'awrah (private parts). When I asked them why they were doing that, they said that it was part of the search procedures. They gave me back my clothes, took me to another room and told me to wait there The room was very cold and I waited for eleven hours before anyone came. I had gone to sleep in a chair, and was woken up by a slap across my face. Then someone said to me:

"How dare you sleep, you dog!"

Then he started to swear at me, calling me a homosexual, a fornicator with my mother and a fornicator with my sister. I said to him:

"Don't say that. It is not Islamically permissible."

He gestured to two guards to hit me. They hit me a number of times. Then he said:

"Don't teach us our Deen. We know it better than you. "

Then three officers entered. Their names are as follows:

Ahmad Muhammad Al-Ba'aadee Nida Al-Oteibi, Samir Rashid Al-Qahtani

They had all been educated in the USA. They sat down and, when they saw me, they said:

"His face does not suit interrogation, as there is not enough blood on it."

Then a large soldier came and slapped me across my face a number of times until blood appeared. After that they asked me:

"Where did you learn to be a mujahid ?" I told them, "From the Book of ALLAH and the Sunnah of the Messenger of ALLAH (Peace and Blessings of ALLAH be upon him)." Then they said:

"Liar! Liar! The Book and the Sunnah did not tell you to disobey the walee amr ( ruler of the Muslims) and to fight the Islamic State." I told them that I had not fought the Islamic State. They said:

"You don't speak, only we speak!" Then they asked me hundreds of questions over nine hours. During the questioning, the subject of Sheikh 'Abdullah Azzam- the shaheed (martyr) scholar of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, came up. I told them that the Saudi government portrayed a good image of him in the media. Then one of the officers, Ahmad Muhammad Al-Ba'aadee said:

"We know the truth about 'Abdullah Azzam. He called all the young beardless boys to Afghanistan in order to carry out homosexual acts with them under the guise of Jihad."

Eventually I asked them:

"Why am I here ? I want to know!" I wished I hadn't asked. They said:

"It seems as if you didn't have a good tarbiyyah (upbringing)." They then ordered the guards: "Teach him some manners! " And the guards beat me until the officers said: "Enough!" I was then taken and thrown in the cells.

The next day they returned and asked me:

"Why did you go for Jihad ?" I told them that I went for Jihad to help the Muslims and gain victory over the kafirs (disbelievers). They said:

"Liar! You want to overthrow the Saudi regime." I said that that wasn't true.

Then they questioned me for six hours. They asked me where I had hidden the weapons and the explosives. I told them that I did not have any of these things. They asked me more questions and I told them that I didn't know. They ordered the guards to take me to a room and make me stand until further notice. I thought I would be made to stand only for one day, being provided with food. In actual fact, they made me stand for eight days giving me only water but neither food nor a moment's sleep.

When I used to make salah (prayer), I used to make long prostrations in order to rest. One of the officers used to come and kick me, lifting my neck with his foot. He would say: "Don't make long prostrations! Get up!" and he would swear at me. He used to do this whilst I was in salah!

After the eighth day I felt I was near to my death, since I had had neither food nor sleep for eight days. Then one of the officers came and called me. They gave me food and drink and said:

"Now that we have saved you from death, you will speak and tell us where the weapons and the explosives are. " I told them that I did not know because I did not have anything. They said: "It seems that you have still not learnt any manners."

They took me to a room, sat me on a chair and attached electrodes to my hands and legs. The officer turned the switch on to 30V. He asked me where the weapons and the explosives were. I said to myself that I would not reply except with 'La ilaha ill ALLAH'. He started to increase the voltage to 60V, 90V then 120V. When he reached 150V, I fell unconscious. I awoke after one day. They took me to the same room, and poured cold water over me in preparation of more electric shocks. At that point I said: "OK! I'll tell you where the weapons and the explosives are. " They asked me where, to which I replied: "I left them in Afghanistan." They then started to beat me and swear at me again.

For two days I was not given any food. Then one of the officers asked me whether I wanted to eat. I replied in the affirmative. He asked me which restaurant would I prefer to eat from. I replied: "Masha-ALLAH, you have five star service here!" He said: "In fact, you'll see that we have ten star service here. " Then he began to laugh and I wondered why he laughed. He took me to a room and asked me what I wanted to eat. I thought he was serious.

I said: "A cheeseburger from 'Hardees'.

He said: "What else ?"

I said: "French Fries."

He asked: "And what else?"

I said: "A Pepsi."

He asked me if I wanted anything else, and I replied that that was sufficient. Then he said:

"What do you think if we also get you an Apple Pie ?"

I said: "Yes, yes, bring that too!" He told me to wait there and he left the room. After a while, he returned with four well-built men. He pointed to the men and said:

"This is 'Cheeseburger', 'French Fries', 'Pepsi' and 'Apple Pie'. They will serve you your meal insha'ALLAH."

I was sat in a chair, with my hands laid out flat on a table. The man he named 'Cheeseburger' came and with a long cane, he struck the backs of both of my hands until they became blue. The officer asked whether I had eaten my fill with the 'Cheeseburger'. I wanted to say yes, but I was in so much pain that I couldn't reply.

Next came 'French Fries'. He brought with him three canes and said: "These must be broken today!" He started to beat me across my back. By the Mercy of ALLAH, all three canes broke very soon. I don't know how many times he had struck me, since after the third strike, I stopped feeling any pain.

Then came 'Pepsi' and 'Apple Pie'. They laid me on my back on a table, and brought something known as a 'falakah'. This is like a short, thick, wooden log with a short rope stretching from one end to another. They inserted my feet through the rope, and rotated the log against my shins, winding the rope and tightening my feet together. Each person held an end of the log and raised it, so that my feet were up in the air. Then a third person came and with a long, thin cane, beat the soles of my feet until they were covered in blood (as a result I wasn't able to stand for about six days, since the soles of my feet had become torn). I pleaded with them to stop but they did not listen and continued to beat me. After four hours of torture, they stopped and left the room.

The officer returned and asked me if I wanted any other food. I said: "No I am full." He asked if I would like some cake as a dessert after my meal. I was extremely angry and replied:

"Get lost you kafir! You dog! You dajjal! You American agent! You Israeli agent! You Cross worshipper. " He clapped his hands twice and three men entered with three glass tanks. In each tank there was a snake. He teased me:

"Shall we release these, leave you and go? Shall we? I'm a kafir am I? I'm a dog am I ? We will release these and also bring some scorpions." One of the snakes was as thick as my arm and one was a cobra. "They will entertain you! " he said and he gave the order for the glass cases to be opened. I became very frightened and I called him. I started to cry and said:

"I'll tell you everything, and I won't hide anything from you. Just take these snakes away." The officer became very happy. He stroked my beard and my head, saying "Masha'ALLAH. You are a good boy now. You have become well-mannered." He started to wipe my tears, saying: "Don't cry little boy. I'm like your father." I marveled at ALLAH's patience with this man. They unshackled me and I told them I couldn't walk. The officer said: "Don't worry. We are at your service." And he ordered the others to carry me to the interrogation room.

By now I was psychologically destroyed. I gave them information about the brothers, but I didn't tell them everything. And ALLAH knows that I didn't tell them anything, until after I had reached a state of psychological destruction. For the one who is reading this account of mine is not like the one who has been through it. I ask ALLAH to excuse me on the Day of Judgment.

I was then taken to the prison's clinic where they treated an injury to my eye, my back, my feet and my heart which had been affected by the electric shocks. I stayed in the clinic for six days and I didn't receive any physical torture after that- only mental torture. For instance, they would play loud music in my presence and swear at me with the worst swear words imaginable. Then they took me to a normal cell to join three other Mujahideen brothers.

After meeting with my brothers in the cell, I knew that what had happened to me was light compared to what they had been put through. One of them was locked in a corpse freezer and left for two days. He knocked and knocked and pleaded with them to let him out. By the time they had taken him out, he had become psychologically destroyed and he even confessed to things he had not done. During this period he also acquired a continuous chest infection.

Another brother was placed in a hot room and fed some very salty food. For three days he was not given any water to drink. Then they came and asked him if he wanted any water. He was so thirsty and his mouth was so dry that he could not even speak, and he merely gestured that he needed water. They brought him the best mineral water and allowed him to drink to his heart's content. When he wanted to go to the toilet to relieve himself, they tied his hands behind his back, removed his lower garment and sealed his private part with black tape. Then they laughed and said: "Go on, urinate!"

After a number of hours he cried and screamed and said: "Bring a blank sheet of paper and I will sign it. And you can write a confession to every crime above my signature. I killed Sadat (President of Egypt), I killed King Faisal (Saudi Arabia), I killed John F. Kennedy (US President)." It was as if he had become mad. Then he started to give them information regarding every possible thing. Even things they did not ask him about. Then finally, they allowed him to urinate.

Once one of the brothers returned from a torture session with a big smile on is face. Upon being asked the reason of his smile, he joyfully told us that he was happy because he had now seen open proof of the Saudi regime's collaboration with the US government. He said that during his interrogation, he had also been questioned by American officers whose identity cards read: 'FBI Saudi Arabia Branch.' Afterwards I was to find out that the FBI even has an office in Al-Khobar.

I stayed in the prison for a further two months and ten days. One morning, one of the officers - 'Abdul Ghani Ash-Shareef' - came to the cell and called one of the brothers, addressing him as "You son of an adulteress! You fornicator with your mother!" The brother cautioned him to fear ALLAH. The officer replied:

"Are you trying to teach me about my Lord ? I know my Lord better than you! Cursed be your Lord! Cursed be your Deen!"

Once I said to this same officer: "Why do you torture me, when we are both from the tribe of Quraysh?" He replied: "Yes, but you are from the lineage of Muhammad, and I am from the lineage of Abu Jahl."

Dear reader, you might not believe me if I told you that these were the most beautiful days of my life. We all used to pray during the night and fast everyday following the words of Ibn Taiymeeyah: "What can my enemies do to me ? My Paradise is in my breast; wherever I go, it is with me. My murder is shahadah (martyrdom). My imprisonment is solitude with ALLAH. And my exile is tourism." Some of the brothers even wrote this famous statement on the cell walls with their own blood.

And whilst in prison, we used to constantly repeat a slogan of which we were proud and felt we were acting by:

"La ilaha ill ALLAH Muhammad Ar-Rasoolullah ! Upon it we live, and upon it we die. And in its path we make Jihad, and upon it we will meet ALLAH."

All the brothers in all the cells used to chant this together in one voice over and over again. The guards used to come and kick the doors, telling us to shut up. They would say: "May ALLAH either cut your tongues, or we will put our boots in your mouths." But this would only increase the volume of our voices. And we would frequently utter cries of ALLAHU AKBAR (ALLAH is the Greatest), since we felt that this prison was a test from ALLAH to purify us from our sins and to strengthen our Iman (faith), just as had happened to Bilal bin Rabah, the family of Yasir, 'Abdullah bin Mas'ud, Khabbab bin 'Arrat, Abu Dharr Al-Ghifari, and before all of them, the Messenger of ALLAH (Peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon him).

We used to feel that when this punishment was combined with Iman in ALLAH, it became a blessing from ALLAH and not a misfortune. The voices of the brothers were constantly engaged in the remembrance of ALLAH and recitation of Qur'an. We felt that these voices in the future would become war and weapons against the oppressors. Every time we saw a tyrant increasing the torture, we became more certain that their end was becoming nearer - because ALLAH gives respite, but does not disregard.

Then after many intercessions, ALLAH favored me to leave that prison and that country. And here I am writing this actuality to all the Muslims in the Islamic world, so that they know the reality of this apostate regime; that they know that it is a regime of lies, pretending to represent Islam, whereas Islam is innocent of it.

And to let those know who defend this regime and describe it as 'Salafi' (upon the example of the first three generations of Muslims), saying that it is established on the 'Aqeedah of Tawheed (the creed of the Oneness of ALLAH) whilst its soldiers punish the Muslims for raising the word of Tawheed.

A Mujahid Brother

Editor: Now, do you see why 5 million Arabs have fled the Middle East to come to the USA? America has its problem folks, but it still looks good from the above perspective. Also, PLEASE do not make the stupid assumption that all Arabs are like these wicked Bani Saud. I think it is interesting that there are nearly zero Saudi Arabians in the USA. This nation is not very attractive to people with the vicious temper of the Saudis. Also, I hope you don't think I have been converted to take the reasonings above from the Koran etc as credible. I do have to feel deeply moved though as other people are brutalized, especially by the "friends" of the USA in Saudi Arabia.

Letter Three: This is the story of persecution of Christians in Saudi Arabia. I am sorry that it is not all here.

 FILIPINO CHRISTIANS ARRESTED IN SAUDI ARABIA Recent Reports Indicate a Worsening Situation as Authorities Contact Believers

by Jeff Taylor

LOS ANGELES, June 16 (Compass) -- Agents of the Saudi Ministry of Interior in Riyadh have arrested three Filipino Christians during the past two weeks for distributing Christian religious literature and the "Jesus" film. A fourth Filipino was also arrested, but Compass has not been able to verify that he is a believer. They have not been heard from since their arrests, and efforts to locate the men have been unsuccessful.

According to sources in Saudi Arabia who did not want to be named, the four are likely undergoing severe torture and interrogation to force them to reveal names of other Christians in their fellowship.

Sources are also reporting that the wife of a fellowship leader has been picked up by authorities and is being pressured to reveal the names of other Christians in Riyadh. She is allegedly being "held hostage" pending the return of her husband, who is currently traveling outside the country.

Ariel Ordona and Angelito Sizon were arrested June 5 and 6 respectively, after handing out Christian literature. Their pastor, Ruben Aguirre, was subsequently arrested on June 10. Juanito Manalili, the fourth Filipino, was picked up at the same time Sizon was arrested, since he lived in the same house. Manalili was not involved in the literature blitz, sources said. One source knowledgeable on Saudi police tactics told Compass that when a police raid is made, all male members of a residence are usually hauled in. This may explain why Manalili was arrested.

The source also said agents of the Ministry of Interior could be agents of the Saudi religious police (Muttawa), or agents of the Saudi secret police, or both.

Considering the previous treatment of expatriate Christians in Saudi Arabia who were imprisoned because of alleged Christian activity, believers inside the country fear that the four may be sentenced to long terms of imprisonment, or even to death. It's also likely that other Christians whose names are revealed during interrogation will also be picked up and detained indefinitely.

One expatriate Christian previously detained by Saudi authorities described a religious police interrogation session. "First they beat you," the source said. "Then in the midst of the pain they heap verbal abuse and mental torture on you. Then they beat you again while they question you. If they don't believe you are answering truthfully, they will torture you more. One of them takes notes on everything you say."

Two Filipino Christians involved in Bible studies and Christian prayer meetings in the [ the rest was lost in mailing ]

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5. Material gleaned from the Web on Saudi present conditions.

LINK: Read about the Saudi Royal Family and their mindless treatment of the pilgrims in Mecca who were burned up in a fire there- 13,000 people burned!

LINK: Read the emotions of those who hate the Saudi clan for allowing the US Military on their soil.

LINK: Read a CNN interview with Sheik Osama Bin Ladin-- Very revealing of how strict Muslims think.

LINK: Why was the CIA involved with BCCI from the inside out? Is the CIA a counter force against the Internationalist, or at least, was it under Casey?

LINK: A 1996 article shows the extreme hate then. This makes us curious what it must be now after the Saudi Royals gave away the bank.

LINK: Osama Bin Ladin has accomplished one thing for sure-- He has Bill Clinton and the Feds in a dither and lashing out blindly.

LINK: Shari'a Islamic Law and its role as a force in the Middle East

LINK: Discussion of the very poor evidence that Bin Laden is in fact responsible for any acts of terror.

LINK: A militant Islamicist discusses the woes of trying to get a good old fashioned jihad going.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


6. My final observations, particularly using the King James Bible

Revolution is coming, and Islamic Fundamentalists will prevail. In the meantime, you can count on it- the President of the USA, no matter who he is, will launch a war in Arabia to preserve the Saudi Royal Family. The simple truth is, if the Islamic Fundamentalists prevail, and if they run the Saudis out of town, they will then void all Arabian debts to all world banking communities. That is the most important reason to go to war. All of recent history tells us this.

Also, King Abdullah of Jordan is on shaky ground. The economy in Jordan is in trouble, and commerce is dragging. Abdullah will be pulled down, or at least have to resort to arms, if he is to survive in Jordan's present state of affairs. The US and Great Britain can be expected to come to Abdullah's rescue also.

So the Arab nations which would line up in such a conflict against the West and The Saudis would be Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria cautiously, Iran cautiously, Pakistan, Kazistan, as well as the Palestinians and Saudi Arabia's tribes outside of Riyadh. Sudan would join in verbally, though they would not add much to the actual struggle either way. Somalia might take up with the cause. Malaysia and militant groups in Indonesia and China might jump in verbally. The result would be an alignment similar to the one prophesied in the Bible about the kings of the East coming against Israel.

Revelation 16:12 And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.

I can see this also leading up to the Russian attempt to take Israel in Ezekiel 38-39. Most prophecy teachers fail to see that Russia comes to Israel at first to defend her, then Russia gets an evil thought on the way.

Ezekiel 38:3 And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal:
4 And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords:
5 Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet:
6 Gomer, and all his bands; the house of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee.
7 Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them.
8 After many days thou shalt be visited: in the latter years thou shalt come into the land that is brought back from the sword, and is gathered out of many people, against the mountains of Israel, which have been always waste: but it is brought forth out of the nations, and they shall dwell safely all of them.
9 Thou shalt ascend and come like a storm, thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land, thou, and all thy bands, and many people with thee.
10 Thus saith the Lord GOD; It shall also come to pass, that at the same time shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt think an evil thought:
11 And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates,

Why will Russia come to rescue Israel? Well, can you see the peril Israel will be in if the whole Middle East is plunged into Islamic Fundamentalist rage? Israel and the USA are the two great Satan's, and the USA is far away. Israel is right there handy, ready to be thumped.

Also, can you see the opportunity for a man to come and make peace? Jihad can be very messy, and Islamic frenzy is very hard to stop, once it is on a roll. So, Satan's man of alleged peace will look very good to peace loving people. I think the Islamic sacred rage now building is going to be the cause of the world looking for a Messianic figure very soon..



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