The Hadith (Inspired Sayings) of Mohammed

Manners in Public and Dress

Start on the right side -- Sahih Buhari-- Volume 1, Book 4, Number 169:

Narrated 'Aisha: The Prophet used to like to start from the right side on wearing shoes, combing his hair and cleaning or washing himself and on doing anything else.

Beating for drunkeness -- Volume 3, Book 38, Number 509:

Narrated 'Uqba bin Al-Harith: When An-Nuaman or his son was brought in a state of drunkenness, Allah's Apostle ordered all those who were present in the house to beat him. I was one of those who beat him. We beat him with shoes and palm-leaf stalks.

Dress --  Malik Muwatta--  Book 48, Number 48.4.7:

Yahya related to me from Malik from Muslim ibn Abi Maryam from Abu Salih that Abu Hurayra said, "Women who are naked even though they are wearing clothes, go astray and make others go astray, and they will not enter the Garden and they will not find its scent, and its scent is experienced from as far as the distance travelled in five hundred years."

Fazlul Maulana--  Al Hadis, Book 1, Chap. 6, No. 140- Abu Raihanah reported that the Messenger of Allah forbade ten things: Sharpening teeth, anointing palms, plucking out hairs, a man lying with another man without under-garments, a woman lying with another woman without under-garments, a man putting on silk underneath his dress like foreigners, or his putting on silk upon his two shoulders like foreigners, plunder, riding on leopards, and using a seal excepting for one who is a ruler. Attested by Abu Daud, Nisai.

Fazlul Maulana--  Al Hadis, Book 1, Chap. 6, no. 149- Umme-Salamah reported that the Prophet went to her
(sexually) while she was putting on a veil over her head. He said: 'Use one fold, not two.' Attested by Abu Daud.

Fazlul Maulana--  Al Hadis, Book 1, Chap. 6, No. 150- Ibn Omar reported: I passed by the Prophet while I had looseness in my trousers. He said: 'O Abdullah! Raise up your trousers.' So I lifted them up. Then he said: 'Lift them more.' Then I lifted them more. I continued afterwards to make them short. Some people asked: 'Up to what place?' He said: 'Up to the middle of two hind legs.' Attested by Muslim This is Islamic canon law, not just some silly side issue!

Fazlul Maulana--  Al Hadis, Vol. 1, p. 614, that there is a curse on women who wear shoes. He said shoes are only for men.

Fazlul Maulana--  Al Hadis, Vol. 1, p. 738 Abul Malih reported that the Messenger of Allah said, "Circumcision is Sunnat (required by Islamic law) for males and optional for females." Attested by Ahmad and Baihaqi.

The Prophet of Allah also required ablution cleansing for passing air, but only if you could hear it, and he once preached a whole sermon against passing air in the mosque. It seems that the faithful were making sport of this, and the Prophet was offended. Is it not peculiar that the Bible prophets never took up this timeless message of truth? Fazlul Maulana--  Al Hadis, Vol. 1, p. 205 (50); p. 657 (29).