This is the Arab the Western media paints for you.  
He sells oil to Americans and Londoners to take possession of their souls.  
He also screams "JIHAD" every morning and sets off to kill all the Kafirs he can find.  

This is the Arab of Dave Hunt, Marv Rosenthal, and 90% of "Prophecy Experts" today.  

The Islamic mind sees the ideal Arab thus:

Do some Arab Muslims kill and massacre people for Allah?

Answer: YES

To deny the violence promoted in the Koran and the Hadith (sayings of Mohammed) would be folly. But, there are millions of Muslims around the world who are trying hard to find another interpretation for the violence in the Koran. This they do so that they can feel like good Muslims without being terrorists. And, many of them have become quiet peaceful citizens of the nations where they live. Even a few Islam dominated nations have tried to be somewhat tolerant to other religions.

In Baghdad, for hundreds of years, Jews lived in peace and were permanent in business. We are told that there are even a couple of Jews on the Parliament of Iran. Strange as it may seem, there is a double standard, and Islam is content to leave it that way when it serves their purpose.

The point is, the violence of some Muslims, and the hate filled rhetoric of some Imams in some mosques is not the only way to define Islam, Arabs, and Muslims today. Islam is evolving in most of its kingdom for one simple reason-- millions of Muslims are LEAVING Islam because they are tired of the violence of Islam. So, the majority of Imams are trying to redefine Islam to civilize it.

This gives NO answer to the root question-- Is Islam a true God revealed religion. That is what this book is about.