(Thanks to Imam Ahmed Deedat for releasing use of the picture)

Y. Do not give sacred pictures, like a picture of Christ, to Muslims. In obedience to Islamic law, strict Muslims will not hang pictures of any kind in their homes. The picture above is acceptable because it is made up of caligraphy, but a Koranic message is considered to be its intrinsic content.

This trick is typical of all religions which offer salvation by doing good works.  The faithful sometimes grow weary of the legal system, and they find ways to get around the law.  Some Jews and North African Muslims are masterful at making dishes that taste like pork, yet are made of non-pork products.  When the Beverly Hills, California Jews go through the dinner line at a dude ranch in the High Desert, there is a baked ham on the serving table.  They  tell the chef, "Give me some of that corned beef."

When the holy water jug is low in the Roman Catholic Church, the priest does not have to go through the blessing process if he fills the jug before it is more than half empty.  Why?  Answer:  The greater quantity of water overcomes the added profane water, and the whole jug becomes holy.  Wallah-- a miracle?  No, it is just old fashioned pagan tinkering with the legal system of the gods.